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More Calls For Women In Politics

By Alex Yomah
Countless calls for more Liberian women to actively participate in political decision-making gaining momentum ahead of the 2023 general and legislative elections in Liberia.
Recently, scores of donor partners including the United Nations Resident Coordinator, Mr. Neil Scott, has stressed the pressing need for exclusive women’s seats to be legislated in Liberia.
The United Nations’ envoy speaking recently in Monrovia indicated that donor partners will secure funding to support women rights’ projects including women’s full participation in parliament.
In an effort to see more women in parliament, a group dubbed “ Organization for Women Empowerment “ or ‘OWE’ officially launched her leadership program under the theme “ Women Rock the Capitol Building”.
The new leadership is intended to besiege the legislature aimed at informing members of that august body to pay keen attention to women’s plight for more women’s participation in politics which the women group think will help to legislate a bill to give women exclusive rights in politics.
In reminisce of International Women’s Day which is being celebrated globally on March 8 of every year, OWE also joined Liberia and the rest of the world to celebrate the International Women’s Day in Liberia.
International Women’s Day is observed throughout the World each year on March 8 as a means of reflecting and celebrating the crucial role (s) women continue to play globally in the advancement of humanity.
Speaking during the official launch of the Women’s leadership program yesterday, Madam Jarsa Varney Okai, Community Forestry Specialist asserted that the new leadership is intended to drive the women’s representation in parliament.
“We are ready to tell our men counterparts that we are tired of being used by them. Men used us against ourselves and they forget to know that if we do not vote for them they will not get any vote to lead,” Madam Akai stated.
The Speaker, in a rather angry mood averred, ”It is time that we take it at different levels. We need to rock the Capitol Building into making decisions that will help to transform our country and if we are to achieve this, we have to be loud, robust and tall,” she indicated.
Adding, “Today, we say to OWE that are not only going to rock the Capitol Building to show that we are ready for more legislative seats, but rather, we are going to rock Liberia through the 15 counties. We are disrespecting our men counterparts but we need to inform them that someone is sitting by you there that is also qualified to be of a better help,” Madam Akai noted.
The launch of the program which brought different women’s leaderships together also invited Montserrado County Electoral #3, Ceebee Barshall and other district officials.
In an apparent response to the launcher, Rep. Barshall said if the women are looking for place to rock to succeed, they should not rock the Senate or House of Representatives posts to be settled for back seats.
“If you want to change things and if you are elected, fight to be a Speaker on Ways, Means and Chair Committee Chair. To be a speaker, you will decide who speaks on legislative floor,” Rep. Barshall indicated.
Rep. Barshall accused House Speaker Bhofal Chambers of silencing critical voices at the Legislature and claimed that the Speaker allegedly denied him to speak on the floor whenever he raised his hands to speak.

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