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More Arms And Ammunition Discovered At Freeport

The Liberia National Police has discovered additional 1000 huge cache of arms and ammunition at port-Freeport of Monrovia and a private residence in Brewerville outside Monrovia.

According to LNP Spokesperson Moses Carter, they  discovered additional 40 boxes containing 25 rounds in each box from the container that was seized by the Police at the Freeport.

It can be recalled that on Thursday January 4, the Police had a major press conference informing the public about their discoveries of huge consignment of arms and ammunitions during a search and seizure operation of the LNP. 

Moses Carter furthered that the additional search was carried out on Saturday January 7, 2023at the Freeport of Monrovia.

Meanwhile, Carter among other things noted that they have started removing tinted and flashers on vehicles that are not authorized.  

For his part, the superintendent of Police Peter described the uses of these arms and ammunition that were seized.

In another development, the Liberia National Police has arrested three persons in connection with the five hundred thousand Liberian Dollars counterfeit at the Board Waterside check point in Grand Cape Mount County.

According to Moses Carter, earlier on the 7th of January, three individuals were attempting to enter the country with five hundred thousand Liberian Dollars counterfeit at the Board Waterside check point at which point they were intercepted by the joint security officers.

Those arrested include Sekou Kanneh, Mohammed Kamara both Liberians and Vaboyee Kamara a Guinean national.

Meanwhile, Carter also revealed that the LNP has launched a full-scale investigation into a 15-year-old minor identified as Princess Hammer who was discovered dead with parts abstracted from her body in Mount Barclay.   

The LNP spokesman however, revealed the arrest of a 16 years old minor Cyrus Logan in connection with the death of a 30y-one year old woman identified as Alpha Gray in the Du-Port Road Community.

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