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Mont. Superintendent Sacks
Officials In Todee District

Montserrado County’s Superintendent, Florence Brandy, has reportedly sacked two local officials in Marquoi Clan for what she termed as being “disrespectful.”
According to Brandy, the officials used their followers to allegedly disrupt the induction ceremony of a Clan Chief in Yarkpai Town, Todee Statutory District recently.
According to the report, Emmanuel Keyammie who is General Town Chief and Acting Clan Chief of Marquoi Clan along with Foday Lewis, a Language Interpreter of Montserrado County were dismissed.
Brandy, who represents the head of the Internal Affairs Ministry in her capacity, expressed regrets for the Marquoi Clan’s residents’ alleged misdemeanor towards that led to the failure of the installation of Clan Chief Augustus Singbeh.
Her action, according to many, came as a result of the leadership confusion in the Clan for the last four years which continued upon her retained as Superintendent of Montserrado County.
The Superintendent ordered both men sacked in an effort to restore peace and stability in the Clan because of the gravity of the situation which became worrisome causing bitterness amongst the residents.
Keyammie and Lewis, now former employees of the Internal Affairs Ministry were reportedly seeking elevation to the post of Marquoi’s Clan Chief but because of the continued rivalries between the two men for the said post, many developmental programs slipped away since 2018 up to the present.
However, report said neither Lewis nor Keyammie had been elected to the post and now that they both have even lost their job, they are now smoking peace pipe while asking their supporters to hold together for the betterment of the Clan.
Former Interpreter Lewis told the residents not to allow the “political game” that was played to destroy the image of the Clan which will not augur well for the next generation after them.
He said for peace sake, he has decided to respect whom gave him pieces of advice and to let go the confusion so as to give the residents peace of mind in carrying out their daily activities.
Lewis however said the Clan remains the only Clan that they can boast of therefore nothing should be done to destroy it by any means of politicking in the district.
For Keyammie, he accepted the gesture in good faith with the promise to live in peace with his former rival (Lewis) as both men are residents of Marquoi Clan which was engulfed with political tension between their followers for years before it subsided last week.
Regrettably, neither Lewis nor Keyammie have ever denied or confirmed the allegation of disturbances levied against them during the induction ceremony in Marquoi Clan of Clan Chief, Augustus Singbeh, last weekend in Yarkpai Town, Todee Statutory District.
Meanwhile, Nyeihn Town in Todee District and other parts across Liberia are expected to benefit from a US$30 million food security project.
It will cover road-rehabilitations, renovation of barracks and bridges amongst others. Montserrado County Electoral District #1 Representative Lawrence Morris made the disclosure recently during a reconciliatory meeting in the district.

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