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Mont. District 10 Turns Unkempt -Several Wounded; Yekeh Complains To Police

By Bill W. Cooper
Several persons were over the weekend, reportedly injured as a result of a chaotic violence that erupted between youth league of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and supporters of Montserrado County District 10 Representative, Yekeh Klubah within his district.
However, this paper is yet to verify the exact number of persons/individuals that were reportedly wounded during the noise following the Liberia National Police (LNP) intervention through the releasing of tears gas.
Accordingly, the traumatic incident which led to the disruption of normal business activities as well as the closure of stores and business on the Old Road was triggered as a result of reported voters trucking by the CDC candidate to form part of the Biometric Voters Registration (BVR) process within the district.
According to our reporter, the Saturday, March 25, 2023 disturbances erupted in the district less than 24 hours after Rep. Kolubah, a staunch critic of the Weah led-administration complained that supporters of the regime (CDC) had also planned to attack his residence.
Our reporter added that minutes after the incident and in the wake of the reported disturbances in his District, Rep. Kolubah has complained to the LNP what he termed as “agents provocateurs of the ruling CDC coming to his District and residence to attack him with petrol bombs.”
Rep. Kolubah further noted that these agents’ provocateurs keep attacking him physically but the LNP is sitting idly by and allowing them to carry out mayhem against his person, but vowed to no longer sit by and allow thugs to attack him or his constituents.
Meanwhile, the CDC Youth League Chairman, Emmanuel Mulbah ‘Neto’ Johnson after violent incidence encourages youthful population of the country to get out and register during the ongoing BVR exercise.
Chairman Johnson who is a resident of the Old Road community in District 10, and did his registration process over the weekend at the FMCA VR center on the Old Road further stated that it is the responsibility of every citizen to come out and register in order to participate in an electoral process of the country.
Chairman Johnson accompanied by hundreds of young people from district 10 stated, “We want to call on the people of Liberia living in Montserrado, Margibi, Grand Cape Mount, Bomi and Gbarpolu to come out en masse and register and be part of the history making of the country come October of this year.”
“We are encouraging everyone most especially young people in electoral district 10 and other parts of the country to register because if you register, you have an opportunity to keep our country on the path of irreversible development that has been taking place for the past six years,” he asserted.
The scramble to unseat Yekeh Kolubah in District 10 by prospective representative aspirants some of whom are of the governing party have put residents in the state of fear.
Residents especially on the Old Road who are supposed to register are being scared away fearing for their lives.
With this, dozens of representative aspirants, the likes of journalist Solomon Watkins, humanitarian Otis Harris, among others are clamoring to remove the incumbent lawmaker but there are some bad elements from the ruling party who are emerging in the name of being aspirants along with their hired supporters and are bent on making the constituency mainly Old Road a boiling point which is in some form amounting to pre-elections violence.
Yesterday during a tour of Chugbor, Smart Road, Gaye Town, Keyhole among others which were areas of contention at the weekend, this paper observed that the level of violence meted by the gangs of young people who carried machetes have placed fear in residents thereby preventing them from turning up to register in their numbers.
Though, state security including the police have been deploy in the area thus restoring law and order, there seems to be no arrest yet.

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