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MOH, WHO Strategize For World Health Day

Authorities of the Ministry of Health (MOH) has held a strategic meeting with the World Health Organization (WHO) to strategize for the upcoming celebration of World Health and beyond.
The meeting, chaired by Health Minister, Louise Kpoto yesterday, aimed to align visions and discuss upcoming endeavors, including the imminent World Health Day celebration, which is expected to be celebrated under the theme: “Equity and Access for All.”
On April 7, 2024, the world united to commemorate World Health Day, an annual event aimed at raising awareness and mobilizing action around pressing global health issues, as this year’s theme underscored the importance of ensuring that everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances, has access to essential healthcare services.
During the meeting, Minister Kpoto was briefed by WHO Liberia’s Senior Management Team, led by its Representative, Clement Peter, on WHO’s programs and operations across the country.
Also, the discussion was centered on elucidating the WHO’s vision and mission, encapsulated in the aspiration for “A world in which all people attain the highest possible standard of health and well-being”, as outlined in Article 1 of the WHO Constitution.
At the same time, Kpoto and her team, according to a MoH release, delved into WHO’s core principles, emphasizing the promotion of health, global safety, and service to vulnerable populations.
Key aspects of WHO’s governance structure, including the pivotal roles of the World Health Assembly, Executive Board, and Regional Committees, were highlighted to underscore the organization’s effective leadership and operational framework.
During the discussions, the WHO Health Systems Advisor, Charles Ocan, provided a detailed overview of WHO’s support to member states, including Liberia.
He also highlighted the guiding principles shaping WHO’s work and presented the Country Office’s current biennium plan (2024-2025), which aligns with the global extended General Programme of Work – GPW 14, concluding in 2025.
Meanwhile, the Ministry and the WHO underscored the importance of collaboration with various stakeholders, including global partnerships, UN agencies, donors, NGOs, collaborating centers, and the private sector, in achieving shared health objectives.
Minister Kpoto then expressed gratitude for WHO’s unwavering commitment and acknowledged the seamless leadership of Clement, WHO Representative, in fostering fruitful partnerships and advancing health agendas.

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