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MOFA Climaxes 4-Day Ambassadorial Retreat

By Bill W. Cooper

In an effort to revamp the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) under the dynamic leadership of its new Foreign Minister, over the weekend concluded a four-day retreat with Liberian Diplomatic and Consular Missions across the globe.

The retreat which started on Tuesday, December 1, at the MOFA in Monrovia, brought face-to-face several of Liberia’s Ambassadors and Consul Generals including the Ambassador of Guinea, the Embassy of the United States of America Charge’ d’ Affairs and the MOFA Minister, Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah along with his abled deputies among others.

The four-day retreat presided over by foreign Minister Kemayah was intended to understand and review Liberia’s foreign policy, understand their challenges and gains made as well as recommendations for the improvement and smooth running of the Ministry.

Speaking at the close of the retreat, the Foreign Minister vowed to carry out enormous reform at the MOFA through a collective working relationship in line with President George M. Weah who he said is the chief architect of the country’s foreign policy agenda.

  Minister Kemayah, among many things stated that in order for the Ministry under his leadership to achieve such goal, it will require a unifying team that will emanate a participatory approach involving all staffs and officials of the MOFA.

According to the country’s Foreign Minister, during the four-day retreat, they were able to determine the way forward in enhancing the clear vision of President Weah and the Foreign Ministry, indicating that it also helped stimulate the strangest strength of the Ministry and his leadership, as well as help them identify their strength, weakness and threat to the MOFA.

He added, “We were also able to discover what the MOFA could be when at its best as well as identify the element of success that the Ministry can carry forward, and I hope that we all can realize the objective of this just ended retreat for the betterment of us all and the country at large.”

The MOFA Minister further stated that the need for the commencement of the four-day retreat for the Ministry and its Liberian Diplomatic and Consular Missions to adopt new approach for the smooth and successful running of the Foreign Ministry could not be overemphasized.

Minister Kemayah then used the occasion to applaud the government’s International Partners including the country’s various Ambassadors for their integral and indispensable role/part they have and continue to play in the development and forward march of the country.

He further stated, “I will ensure that the Foreign Affairs Ministry under my leadership will leave no stone unturned in discharging of our duty and responsibility to work with you as it relates to improving your working environment.”

 Earlier, the Embassy of the United States of America Charge’ d’ Affairs, Alyson Grunder and the Ambassador of the Republic of Guinea, Doyen of the Diplomatic Corps, Abdoulaye Dore, admonished Minister Kemayah and his abled deputies to ensure that Liberia’s positive image in foreign policy is strategic in the discharge of their duties in foreign nations.

According to them, the idea of a positive and attractive image of Liberia will be at the advantage of the country in strengthening diplomatic relations, and stressed that it is also of crucial interest that must be vigorously pursued at their respective embassies resenting in other countries.

Alyson Grunder and Amb. Abdoulaye Dore further emphasized that if the government is to achieve its Pro-poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD) and the maintenance of peace and stability in the country; it will require an effective implementation of Liberia’s foreign policy, thereby also stressing the needs of maintaining political stability locally and internationally that will attract investment in the country.

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