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MoE Suspends School Principals, Sacked CEO

The Education Ministry has suspended the principals of both the Cape Palmas and John Harry Tubman High Schools in Harper for 1 month each without salary but sacked the Chief Education Officer (CEO) of Maryland County for hiking of registration fees against stipulated guidelines.
In the same token, the Ministry has issued strong warnings to over 20 private schools and their administrators to either reverse their both registration fees and tuition within 24 hours.
If not, those institutions could hold themselves responsible as their permit or license will be revoked but regrettably, the Ministry fell short to name those schools that are violating governments’ stipulations.
Education Ministry Acting Minister, Latim Dathong, told the media yesterday that students in the Primary Division (elementary) school should pay L$1,000 as registration fee; junior high school L$2,000, and senior secondary school L$3,000 respectively.
Regrettably, he did not name any private school to which such a strong warning was issued but there are speculations that the Education Minister, Dao Ansu Sonii, runs an institution situated within Electoral District #17, Montserrado County.
In recent times, many parents in Pleebo, Electoral District#2, Maryland County at the time accused public school administrators in the district of hiking fees despite the Ministry of Education’s policy on fees in public schools.
References were made to the administrators of the Pleebo High School, Sodoken High School, and that Laboratory Four High School had been the prime suspects.
Some of the above-mentioned schools charged L$7, 350 instead of L$3, 000 for a kid in the primary division (elementary school) against government’s approved policy.

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