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Minister Paye Continues Reforms At Mines And Energy Ministry

With Minister Wilmot Paye’s reform agenda being unwavering, all mineral inspectors and mining agents are in Monrovia for professional performance appraisal.
They came from the 15 of the counties where mining activities are taking place.
The mining agents and inspectors are undergoing a process of reviewing their competencies to work in the field for the mines and energy, ensuring that miners are kept in compliance with the Law.
Minister Paye is engaging this process as part of reforms his administration is rolling out at the Ministry of Mines and Energy in order to make sure field staff are professional and up to the task in discharging their respective assignments.
After the ongoing performance appraisal, the Agents [mining], and inspectors will be appropriately reassigned to the six mining regions of the Country.
Upon their return, Minister Paye anticipates they will diligently and excellently execute their functions in the various mining districts.
According to the Department of Mines, they will be given a three-month probationary mandate to assess their performance.
Minister Paye continues to emphasize that his administration has a zero tolerance approach towards acts inimical to generating required government revenue needed to service development programs.
In this regard, he wants his staff from both Department of Mines, and the Inspectorate, discharge their duties professionally.
He also says, Miners bent on robbing the Country through illicit operations will face the full weight of the Law, and be levied fines where necessary.
Mining Agents produce licenses from their respective places of assignment, which brings produces revenue for government, while the Inspectors enforce the Mineral and Mining Laws of the Country to keep the Miners in compliance.
Expired License holders, improper mining procedures as well as illicit and illegal mining activities violate the Mineral and Mining Laws of Liberia.

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