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Mines And Energy Reacts To Fake Website Scan

The Ministry of Mines and Energy says it has come to its attention that a fictitious group of individuals are parading the internet and public space about on quote: “The Ministry of Mines and Energy is running a project on implementation of a solar Pv system to help people identify and implement community-led adaptation interventions to improve their resilience to climate impacts.”
According to the Ministry, this statement posted on a fake website which goes by the inscriptions: “Ministry of Energy and Mines of Liberia,” and not Ministry of Mines and Energy, which is the official nomenclature of the Ministry, is inviting applications from beneficiaries which it stated will receive solar panels with capacity of up to 2000 watts, asking them to apply through
The unscrupulous individuals in their fictitious deed, posted on the aforementioned fake e-platform that the project the Government of Liberia knows nothing about, and is not implementing anything of such from the World Bank and IBC, as they mentioned, seeks to also “provide renewable energy equipment (RE) to the beneficiaries including solar panels for the production of electricity, as well as freezers and ice-makers, powered by the panels.”
The Government of Liberia, through the Ministry of Mines and Energy, terms this false information in the strongest of tone as a scam and calculated criminal attempt to dupe peaceful citizens who could apply to the submitted website created by the scammers.
The Minister of Mines and Energy, Gesler E. Murray has reached out to the management team of the Liberia Electricity Corporation to further authenticate this information and Monie R. Captan has termed this so-called solar panels World Bank and IBC funded project under implementation by the Mines and Energy Ministry as false and misleading.
The government once again advises the public to not get involved with criminally designed scheme orchestrated to dupe people of their monies.

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