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Methodist Church Against Same-Sex Marriage

By Solomon T. Gaye, Sr.
Ganta City, Liberia – As gay marriage is becoming a heated discussion in many churches in the world, the Bishop of the United Methodist Church in Liberia, Samuel J. Quire, has frowned on the acceptance of same sex marriage in the UMC in Africa.
Speaking to journalists at close of the 187th convention of the Liberia Annual Conference of the UMC over the weekend in Ganta, Bishop Quire said same sex marriage is demonic in God’s sight therefore, the United Methodist Church in Africa most especially Liberia rejects and condemns any form of same sex marriages, be it homosexuality or lesbianism.
In the exclusive interview, he said the position of the UMC will be made known formally to the global UMC and explained how same sex marriages have been accepted in most parts of the western UMC for over 50 years.
The UMC Liberia bishop said it is only in the African UMC that this practice is being opposed on grounds that the church should not be the cause of people losing their souls to hell, rather it should be a place where good messages of Jesus Christ are preached to win all souls for the Lord.
Bishop Quire told reporters that the UMC in Liberia reached this decision at the 187th convention attended by over 1,277 parishioners from all of the 15 counties in Liberia as well as some members from Sierra Lone and U.S.A
The UMC’s annual conference was climaxed peacefully with a fundraiser geared towards the relocation of the headquarter church of the UMU which currently situated on Ashmun Street in Monrovia as well as for the construction of a modern conference center in the country.

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