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Meeting Our Deserving Personalities-2023

Dr. Mory Sumaworo, a 1984-born Liberian bilingual academic, entrepreneur, educator, and humanitarian, received his Bachelor’s degree from Islamic University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a Master’s in Comparative Laws from Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyah (college) of Laws, International Islamic University Malaysia, and subsequently obtained a Ph.D. in Law from the International Islamic University in Malaysia as well.

Dr. Sumaworo has a certificate in Public Financial Management Law from the Liberia Institute of Public Administration. He also has several training certificates in Diplomacy and Educational Management.

Over the years, Dr. Sumaworo has published over 50 peer-reviewed articles and commentaries in international academic journals in both English and Arabic Languages. He authored a book “Mediation of Industrial Disputes in Liberia.” 

He lectures International Law at Cuttington University Graduate School of Global Affairs and Policy and AME University Graduate School of International Relations and also serves as an Adjunct at the Foreign Service Institute, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Liberia, and is the President of the Heritage Schools Union System of Liberia, supervising over 25 Islamic Schools across the country. Dr. Sumaworo is currently a member of the National Media Council of the Press Union of Liberia. 

He is an entrepreneur, the owner, and CEO of G.B.I GROUP; the Editor-In-Chief of The READER Magazine. Currently and the Public Relations Officer at the Embassy of the State of Qatar near Monrovia.

As previously stated, Dr. Mory Sumaworo has immensely contributed to academia in Liberia through university lectures, supervision of postgraduate Students, and academic publications and commentaries, especially on Liberia, Africa, and the Middle East. His populations are made in both Arabic and English. Below are some of his contributions to the academia:

  1.  Youth Entrepreneurship in Africa and Development Growth “Options and Challenges” published on June 2023 by the International Journal of Social Science and Education Research studies in its Volume 03 Issue 06.
  2. Challenges of Higher Education In Liberia and Possible Solutions, published on March 2023, by Journal of Asian and African Social Science and Humanities in its Vol. 9, No. 1, 2023, Pages 22-33.
  3.  Towards Food Security and Agricultural Self-Reliance: A Policy Study for the Rice Production in Liberia, published by the International Journal of Social Science and Education Research Studies in its Volume 02 Issue 11.
  4. Critical Analyses of Liberia’s Bicentennial Celebration: A Way Forward to a New Historical Narrative and Development Tangibility, published by International Journal of Current Science Research and Review in its Volume 05 Issue 04.
  5. Hard Questions About Liberia’s Independence ‘A National Day or An Independence Day’? Published by the African Institute for Development Research 3/2023.

His other publications can be found on the following academic platforms: Google Scholar, ResearchGate,, Qiraat Magazine, Afrikatrends, Aljazeera and other sites.

Best Public Servant Of The Year: Officer Kenneth Ayouba

Kenneth is a police officer at the Liberia National Police who was initially assigned as Analyst in the Private Plate Division until 2016 when license plates delivery was handed over to the Ministry of Transport.

Kenneth greets many as ‘Best’ and he is also referred to by many who commute by way of the Executive Mansion early morning hours in similar manner while he directs traffic at the intersection before the Public Procurement Concession Commission (PPCC) head offices on Capitol By-Pass. He now serves a special assignment under Unit 130 in the Motor Vehicle Division.

Kenneth is admired for his services to commuters as well as his demonstration of professionalism in handling his job; being well identified in his official uniform daily, Kenneth appears very alert and friendly therefore, he is considered as our best public servant, 2023.

The Entrepreneur Of the Year -Mulbah K. Yorgbor Jr.

We celebrate our honoree for lifting the bar so high and recognize Mulbah K. Yorgbor Jr., a young Liberian in Liberia not America.

Mr. Yorgbor, knowing the value of hard work and the reward it brings, embraced the challenge and transformed himself into the businessman he is today.

He owns and operates two entertainment centers; Renaissance Headquarters in Duport Road and Renaissance Phoenix in Barnesville

In 2018 while attending a meeting at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in London, Mulbah was terminated from his role as Director of Corporate Communications and Stakeholders Engagement of the Liberia Maritme Authority by the CDC-led Government.

He swiftly returned to Liberia and on August 24, 2018 began what is now arguably Liberia’s leading and fastest growing entertainment company, The Renaissance Sports Bar and Grill.

As if the CDC Government wasn’t tired persecuting him, they would harass his business from time to time as far as seizing his music equipment.

The building housing his business was hurriedly demolished in the name of road construction even though that construction would happen two years later.

He moved to a new location and on November 29, 2023 opened a second branch of his business in the Barnersville Township.

He currently employs more than 50 young People directly and more than a few hundred people indirectly benefit from ancillary services around his operation areas.

Mulbah’s story is one of resilience, commitment, focus, determination, courage and fortitude.

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