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MCC Police Officers Flog
Immigration Officer

By Alex Yomah
A high-ranking officer of the Liberia Immigration Service (LIS), Lt. Colonel William Saa, is crying for justice after being reportedly arrested and detained by officers of the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC).
Lt. Saa told this paper during an exclusive interview that on November 20, 2021, he was arrested by unidentified officers purporting to be from the MCC.
Explaining his ordeal, he said, “I saw them at my house telling my son to close my shop and have me arrested, but when I asked them what precipitated my arrest, they told me that somebody from the community complained to them.”
“I told them that I was a senior officer of the Liberia Immigration Service and if I did anything inappropriate, they have to do it through the institution I work for but what they told me was that, that was an insult to say that I am the immigration officer giving the community problem,” he added.
Lt. Saa further explained that since he was forcibly placed in a white MCC pick up and incarcerated at the MCC office where he was beaten and wounded by inmates, he complained to the depots and top security institutions but cannot see justice rendered.
“When I was released, I felt severe pain and when I went to the hospital and did an X-ray, doctors told me that my physical condition was not satisfactory and that I needed an intensive medical attention,” the officer narrated.
According to him, they arrested him based on complaint from the community but unfortunately since he was released from detention, to date, he is yet to know the nature for his arrest and the whereabouts of his accusers.
Mr. Saa has expressed frustration due to the behavior of Immigration authorities under Commissioner Robert Buddy’s nonchalant attitude towards him.
“I personally wrote Commissioner Robert Buddy and explained my ordeal and how I was humiliated and almost died in the process, but to date, Commissioner Buddy has paid deaf ears to my plight,” he expressed in tears.
Additionally, Col. Saa added how disgusting it was when he heard from LIS authorities that they could not be involved, on grounds that he was not arrested while performing LIS work.
Col. Saa indicated further that contrary to the LIS management’s action, the action against him is in flagrant violation of LIS ACT 2015 SEC.22.132 under assault on Immigration officer.
LIS Act 2015 states, “Any person who threatens attack or uses force on LIS officer who causes that LIS officer to have a reasonable apprehension or imminent harmful or offensive contact commits a felony in the second degree under the Penal Code of Liberia.”
When contacted, MCC’s Director, City Police Col. Thomas Garwo could neither confirm nor deny the allegation but consistently promised to return our reporter’s calls until press time.
The Director’s action and inaction showed that he was not willing to give detail information after he was well furnished with the information from our reporter during a phone communication between him and our reporter as the latter rejected all efforts exerted to get to him via mobile.
Contacting LIS authorities through its Public Relations Director, Abraham Dorely; the Director and Commissioner Robert Buddy could not be reached despite all efforts exerted within 48 hours.

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