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MCC Hires More Young People
To Give Monrovia Facelift

The Monrovia City Corporation (MCC’s) Citizen Engagement Board has begun employing over 1, 000 young people on a short term to help clean up Monrovia.
The recruits are communities’-based residents who are expected to carry out cleaning exercise daily in an effort of giving the capital a facelift.
Though the duration of the scheme is not yet known but it is intended to clean up Monrovia ahead of the Christmas holidays and the bi centennial celebrations or the year of the return on the horizon to Monrovia.
Addressing a news conference yesterday in Monrovia, Mary Broh, Chairman of the Citizen Engagement Board (CEB) said the employment or recruitment for the exercise has already begun in various communities.
She stressed the importance of health and sanitation of every community which borders on cleanliness as residents must now take ownership of the exercise.
Also, speaking was Thomas Doe-Nah, Chief Tax Collector of the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) and a member of the Board reiterated commitment to the exercise by asking every resident to get involved.
He called for exerted general effort including time and work of the project which is geared to face-lifting the capital city as was in the pre-war period.
Last month, the European Union head strongly criticized the country for the filthiness of the capital which he stated he had never seen before in Africa.
Such statement got many Liberians infuriated to the extent that the diplomat was forced to retract his statement which received mixed reactions from Liberians both at home and abroad.

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