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Mayor Koijee Supports War-Crimes Court Establishment …Opposes Same-Sex Marriage

By Bill W. Cooper
The Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) Mayor, Jefferson T. Koijee has added his voice to the many voices calling for the establishment of the War and Economic Crimes Court in Liberia.
Mayor Koijee who is also a stalwart of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) among other things stated that, he believes with the establishment of such institution, will mark the beginning of a new day in Liberia and people will no longer go with impunity for crimes committed against humanity and the country.
Speaking when he appeared as guest on the Voice of Liberia (VoL) Radio over the weekend in Monrovia, the MCC boss intoned that he has been one of the many voices in past times that has been advocating/championing the calls for the establishment of the court in the country as such, he still holds such view.
According to him, the War and Economic Crimes Court is the only platform which he sees as a means that will bring justice to several Liberians predominantly young people whose future was damaged as a result of the civil conflict, something that led to the country’s underdevelopment and backwardness.
He added, “I support and remain a proponent for the establishment of War and Economic Crimes Court in this country, and I think that there should be a sense of accountability and transparency in this country.”
He stated further that most the Liberian youths are uneducated, impoverished with little or no hope to a brighter future due to the senseless deadly civil war that created no platform for advancement of opportunities for them but instead, left them with too many ugly behaviors like drug addiction, drunkenness and armed robbery, just to name few.
Mayor Koijee averred, “Even with bullets at our chests and knives at our throats, we will echo our voices in that direction because with that, we believe that those who had committed heinous crimes against humanity and the country will pay for their actions and will not be left to go Scott-free.”
Meanwhile, the MCC Mayor has further vowed not to support the introduction of same-sex marriage in the country thus registering his total opposition to said idea or decision.
According to Mayor Jefferson Koijee, as a Christian and a traditional person who hails from a traditional county like Lofa, he will never support any idea of same-sex, gay or lesbian practices in Liberia.
He added, “I will never and ever support gay rights; in fact, I get very irritated, annoyed, frustrated and vex in my spirit whenever I hear Liberians or any human being for that matter discussing or talking about such an evil and disgraceful behavior in this sacred country of ours.”
Mayor Koijee further stated that the legalization of same sex marriage which includes Gay, Lesbianism, Bisexual and Transgender practices amongst others in western Countries is totally devilish and against the Will of God, stressing, “As a God-fearing nation and people, we should rather be focused on activities that would be impactful to our citizenry and bring honor to God and not something that leads to our beloved nation’s doom. What an utter abomination!”

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