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Manager’s Delays Impede Palm Spring US$ 5M Court Trial

The Debt Court at the Temple of Justice has frowned on the continuous excuses made by the manager of the Palm Springs Resort, Nijid Kamand, in a US$ 5 million case involving him and a Chinese national identified as Ding Shu Junicka Nancy.
The court granted Nijid Kamand the final chance of two months to allow him leave the country to seek medical attention as prayed for because according to the court, it sees the continue excuses by defendant Kamand to seek medical attention as a delay tactics to stall the case from proceeding.
The court further observed that, when granted the permission, the Palm Springs Resort Manager did not travel out of Liberia for medical attention as claimed rather he will remained in country for reasons best known to himself.
Handling down its decision to a motion filed by Kamand requesting the court for two months grace period to seek medical treatment aboard, the court said it will be forced to proceed with the trial in his absence should he fail to return to the court.
According to the Judge, the court cannot be put on hold indefinitely in a trial therefore it will not fail to continue with the matter after the two months’ timetable granted the defendant.

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