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Man Escapes After Allegedly Murdering Friend In Point-4

A family residing in Point-4, is seeking justice for their 23-year old son who was reportedly axed like an animal by his 19 years old friend identified as Chris Karkpeh.Explaining her ordeal during an exclusive interview with this paper yesterday, the aunt to the deceased, Joyce Nagbe who was escorted by two of her relatives, asserted that her nephew Shadrick George Weah, the deceased on August 4, 2021 was allegedly butchered due to reported grudge arising from entrenched families’ bickering.
She further explained that while the deceased was sitting at his house, his friend Chris, Sarpo by tribe, surreptitiously took his grandmother’s axe that she often used to split her firewood and axed her nephew, a situation, she said, led to his death eight days later.
Madam Nagbe alleged that the perpetrator fled the community the very day the act was committed and that the family was forced to transfer the case from Zone-1 Police Station to Central because they had noticed that Chris’ grandmother along with his biological mother including other relatives had absconded as well.
According to the story, there had been lingering conflicts among the two families, something that led to the doer’s retaliation.
The aunt also admitted of telling the interviewer that there was a lingering brawl that went to court and that the deceased’s family won the case since July of this year.
“I think we resolved that since July after winning the case but we didn’t know that the Sarpo neighbor had grudge against us that would lead to this,” she said.
Adding, “What I heard from sources after my nephew’s death was that the doer acted the way he acted due to grudge. I was told that he and the deceased fought before he got injured on his face while the deceased too sustained injury on his head and that was the cause,” Aunt Nagbe explained.
According to her, she was told that the doer’s action was predicated on provocation from his friend telling him that he allowed the deceased to mark him on his face- which he reportedly told some of his colleagues that he would have revenged to mark at a location where he will not wake-up to revenge.
The deceased’s family has called on government to help in giving the family justice.
Joyce Nagbe said that it was not the reported first time killing and fleeing from justice. “He killed in Sinoe County before and he absconded when he was much smaller,” Aunt Nagbe said. “We are calling on the public in general to report Chris Krakpeh whenever he is seen as well as his family members who are also on the run from justice,” she appealed in tears.

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