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Macdella Cooper Bounces Back
…Questions Weah’s Education, Governance Style

By S. Siapha Mulbah (Cub Reporter)
The political leader of The Movement for One Liberia has openly criticized the governance and academic credentials of President George Weah.
She said the educational portfolio of President Weah is not solidified enough to be converted to cover the presidency; a reason she terms as ‘poor governance’.
The female politician termed the President’s degree from DeVry University as a piece of paper gathered from online that should not in any way be used as an educational reliance for the presidency.
“Education is not just for you to go on online and get a piece of paper; if his education is solid, we should be able to see it. We are not just talking about education on the book,” she said.
“Take the education that he acquired online through Devra University and convert it into currency for Liberia in terms of plan for the nation. Since this government came into power, we have not seen their plan on how they are going to lead our country,” she argued.
Speaking yesterday on a local radio talk show in Monrovia MOL leader said she is confused as to who is the current President of Liberia alleging that the Minster of State is the one running the day-to-day affairs of the state whether or not President Weah is at home.
Speaking on the topic, “Finding the missing link in rescuing Liberia from poor leadership,” Madam Cooper revealed that the major problem behind the country’s leadership is lack of required education needed from past and present leaders.
According to her, before any government gets into leadership there should be a frame work of how that government sees to develop the country; and an implementation plan of leadership on the economy, education, health and all other major sectors.
She named education as a key priority issue which, in her belief will be a driving force behind every country and the citizens will be able to manage companies, jobs, factories and other investment that will be brought into the country.
“They didn’t have a plan even till now. Without a plan; that means that so-called online degree has not converted itself into that leadership that the people need right now,” Macdella Cooper intimated.

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