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LRA Deputies Confirmed  

By Bill W. Cooper

The plenary of the Liberian Senate through unanimous votes yesterday, January 24, 2023 confirmed Gabriel Yeegai Montgomery as Deputy Commissioner General for Technical Affairs at the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA).

Also, the Senator in session also confirmed Samuel G. Bennett as Deputy Commissioner General for Administrative Affairs (DCGAA) of the LRA, with both of them expected to be commissioned by President George M. Weah.

According to our Senate reporter, 21 Senators voted on record for the confirmation of Mr. Bennett, with only Montserrado County Senator, Abraham Darius Dillon who voted on record against the nominee’s confirmation.

At the same time, all 22 Senators in session including Senator Dillon who earlier voted against Mr. Bennett’s confirmation voted on the record for the confirmation of Mr. Gabriel Yeegai Montgomery.

Our Senate reporter added that Liberian Senate took the decision Tuesday, January 24, 2023 during its regular session following a report by its Standing Committee on Ways, Means, Finance and Budget.

The Committee in its report, recommended to plenary to confirm the two nominees on grounds that they do prove their competencies, capabilities, suitability and qualifications for the jobs during their joint confirmation hearing conducted by the Committee in late 2022.

It can be recalled that on Thursday of December 1, 2022, President George Weah nominated Mr. Samuel G. Bennett, Jr. and Mr. Gabriel Yeegai Montgomery, Sr., to the respective positions pending confirmation by the Liberian Senate as constitutionally required.

Over a week later, both presidential nominees appeared before the Senate Standing Committee on Ways, Means, Finance and Budget to state reasons why they should be confirmed by that august body.

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