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LPRC Allays Citizens’ Fear Over Petroleum Products
…Announces Over 4000mt In Storage

The Management of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC) is informing the public that there is sufficient quantity of gasoline supply in the country to meet the domestic needs.
This assurance comes in the wake of the unsubstantiated media report attributed to the Managing Director, Marie Urey Coleman, that there is a shortage of petroleum products in the country.
The LPRC Management clarifies that the public that the Managing Director was misconstrued and reiterates that the public that there is enough petroleum products in the country.
However, the management is warning that any unscrupulous individual(s) attempting to create artificial shortage or hike in the price of petroleum products will be dealt by the law.
Again, the LPRC further assures the general public that there are adequate diesel and gasoline products in the country to meet the market demands.
The management is therefore urging the public not to panic as there are more vessels expected in the country to continue the flow of supply on the Liberian market.

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