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Looking Beyond The Liberian Ballot Box

By Pastor Alexander Redd

November 9, 2023

Liberians are a buoyant and determined people. They have been through a lot in their history – civil unrest, political instability – but they have never lost hope. They believe in democracy and the power of voting to bring about change. But there’s more to building a nation than just casting a vote. It requires our faith in the sovereign God and the collective effort of every citizen.

Voting is important, but it’s not enough. Liberians need to get involved in their communities, speak up about the issues that matter to them, and fight for policies that benefit everyone. By being active in their civic duties, they can ensure their voices are heard, and their concerns are addressed, even outside of elections.

It’s not just about voting for leaders; it’s about holding them accountable. Liberians must keep a close eye on their elected officials, ensuring they do their job honestly and transparently. By actively engaging with their leaders and demanding accountability, citizens can ensure that campaign promises are fulfilled.

Education is key to building a nation. Liberians must be well-informed and educated to understand policies, contribute to economic growth, and participate effectively in the democratic process. Elections are just the beginning – investing in education and promoting lifelong learning will equip Liberians with the knowledge and skills needed to build a prosperous nation.

Strong institutions are crucial for good governance. Liberians must prioritize strengthening integrity-based institutions that uphold the rule of law, protect human rights, and distribute resources fairly. Citizens must actively engage with these institutions, holding them accountable and supporting their development so Liberia can have stability and progress.

Beyond the ballot box, Liberians have the opportunity to come together as a nation. Their challenges require enacting their faith in the sovereign God, unity, and collective effort, not just during elections but all the time. Liberians can lay a strong foundation for sustainable development and progress by fostering a sense of national identity and promoting unity.

Voting is important, but it’s not everything. Liberians must go beyond elections and adopt a comprehensive approach to nation-building. By enacting their faith in the benevolent God coupled with active community endeavors, demanding accountability, investing in education, strengthening democratic institutions, and promoting unity, they can create a peaceful, prosperous, and united Liberia for future generations.

Dr. Alexander L. Redd is a theologian, pastor, and the founder of the Gracious Hope Bible Fellowship. He is the author of three books available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble: “Liberia’s Search for Freedom: Uniting a Nation by Faith,” “Daily Living in God’s Peace,” and “Stepping into Your True Self.” His fourth book, “Cultivating Liberia’s National Pride,” is set to be released in December 2023.


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