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Lonestar Cell MTN Advances Network Modernization

Lonestar Cell MTN is currently undergoing a comprehensive network upgrade aimed at delivering an enhanced customer experience throughout Liberia. Liberia’s premier telecommunication and fintech provider, acknowledges recent network adjustments in Nimba and other counties and apologizes for any disruptions experienced by subscribers. The Chief Technical Information Officer, Damein Mariappen, emphasizes the company’s commitment to enhancing services. “Our vision is to establish a cutting-edge network in Liberia, surpassing regional benchmarks. In 2023, we undertook a significant national network upgrade, focusing on modernizing Monrovia. In 2024, our focus extends to elevating the network experience across various counties,” Mariappen stated. Highlighting the ongoing network upgrade, he said that subscribers can anticipate a network that features the latest 4G technology, promising improved speed, voice quality, and reliability. “We have successfully restored services in these counties and anticipate completing the comprehensive modernization by mid-February. Our goal is to deliver an unparalleled service experience. In Monrovia, where substantial portions of the network have been modernized, we’ve observed a remarkable 50% increase in speeds,” Mariappen added. Lonestar Cell MTN CEO, Mr. Rahul De, explained that network modernization involves the replacement of outdated equipment, major realignments, and the restructuring of tower signals-all simultaneously executed. “Occasionally, such initiatives encounter network fluctuations, unforeseen challenges, necessitating additional adjustments and planning, leading to temporary outages during the transition to new systems,” De acknowledged. De reassured the public that the security and safety of subscribers’ mobile money are guaranteed and will consistently remain accessible. Furthermore, all voice and data packages will be reinstated, accompanied by an enhanced network experience resulting from the upgrade. “We appreciate the patience of our esteemed subscribers during the ongoing modernization process. We regret any inconvenience caused. Rest assured, improved network experiences lie ahead,” concluded Mr. De.

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