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Logistics, Shelter, Perdiems Might
Hamper Police Deployment In Lofa Rerun

By Bill W. Cooper
Report from Lofa County says officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP) who have been deployed to provide security for the conduct of the Senatorial By-election are said to be experiencing serious difficulties in the county.
Some of the stranded officers spoken to on anonymity named the issues of limited logistics, shelter and perdiem as some of the difficulties being faced with since their deployment in the county.
According to them, most of the rented vehicles that are being used by the 100 forum Police Unit (FPU) comprising the Police Support Unit (PSU) and Emergency Response Unit (ERU) have all broken down due to mechanical faults.
The deserted police officers added that they are now walking distances in the discharge of their duties due to the situation which they term as “unfortunate and unacceptable.”
Our investigation further established that only L$15,000 were given to each officer as allowance instead of the earmarked L$30,000 that was agreed upon for each assigned officers in the county.
“Instead of paying our actual per diem, the LNP is renting one car at US$100 and US$150 per day for the period of 10 days and we see this as an affront to us who left our families at home, on grounds that we came to work,” the aggrieved officers stressed.
The officers added, “Our condition is seriously terrible and some of our colleagues are now seeking rescue at some uncomfortable cost, and this situation really needs to get the attention of our bosses.”
They further stated, “It will also interest you to note that there are six to seven police officers sleeping in a single room at a local police station while the others also sleep in the living rooms of other assigned officers’ family houses in the county.”
Meanwhile, the aggrieved police officers have at the same time threatened unspecified actions if nothing is done as a means of addressing their concerns on grounds that they have on numerous occasions engaged their commander but without any redress.
When contacted by a local radio station (Kool FM), Police Spokesperson, Moses Carter admitted that there were rented vehicles but clarified, “I have not been aware they were experiencing mechanical faults; except the difficulties encountered due to the deplorable road condition.”

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