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LNP To Lay Off Unqualified Officers?

This paper has reliably been informed that the Liberia National Police (LNP) has announced plans to lay off several officers from the police force due to their involvement into alleged corruption, raising a dark cloud over the LNP.
Our source from within the LNP disclosed that the decision is also against the backdrop that some of the officers did not pass through the proper recruitment processes before getting into the force, as well as the fact that some of the officers have overstayed, thus reaching the benchmark for retirement.
According to our source, massive shuffling is also expected to take place within the LNP, revealing, “I can confirm to you that the IG has made it clear that he will do some shuffles in the coming days or so, making sure that officers are given promotion based on their qualifications and performances.”
The LNP was established in 1956, and appealed in 2016 as a legal institution enacted by law to provide an effective, efficient, and professional police service that is community-based and adheres to the principle of democratic and responsible policing at all times.
The LNP was also established to serve, prevent, detect, and investigate crime, aimed at protecting life, property, and other human rights, especially of the vulnerable, coupled with maintaining public peace, as well as responding to community security needs.
The decision to lay off officers comes amidst an ongoing thorough review of various government entities, of which the LNP is no exception, and a move that was also promised by President Joseph Boakai during the 2023 presidential election campaign.
Our source narrated further that in fulfillment of the President’s promise, the process followed a thorough review of the police force by the LNP leadership, and revealed several discrepancies in the recruitment process with officers in the force, despite not meeting the required qualifications.
According to the LNP spokesperson, the decision to lay off officers is necessary to ensure that the police force is comprised of qualified, well-trained, and disciplined officers who will effectively carryout their duties in a professional and responsible manner.
“During the review process also, it was discovered that several officers have overstayed their time in the force and have reached the age of retirement, but are still working, and this is a serious issue that needs to be addressed urgently,” our source noted.
Our source further highlighted the importance of a transparent recruitment process aimed at ensuring that only qualified Liberians are selected in a transparent manner to the LNP, ensuring that selected candidates serving the police maintain professionalism and integrity.
Our source quoted IG Gregory Coleman as saying, “We understand that this decision may be difficult for the officers who will be laid off, but we believe that it is necessary to ensure that the LNP remains a professional and competent force.”
“We are committed to providing support to those affected by the layoffs and helping them to transition to other opportunities, but at this juncture, the police need total rebranding and we are committed to that because we made a promise of building a professional police force for the good of all Liberians,” he said.
Meanwhile, the LNP has assured the public that the layoffs will be carried out in a fair and transparent manner, with officers being given the opportunity to appeal the decision if they believe they have been unfairly targeted.
Our source added that the police is also working to implement measures to improve the recruitment process and prevent similar issues from arising in the future, as well as ensuring that officers getting promotion get it through a merit-based system.

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