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LNP Clarifies Report Of Liberian Artist Mishandling

The Liberia National Police attention has been drawn to reports of assault of Liberian artist, Christopher Nyenga, alias, “Christoph” during the early morning hours of Monday, December 28, 2020.
According to preliminary report from our Center Street Metro Police Depot, the Liberian artist is said to have gone to the station to complain a female believed to be his girlfriend for insults and attempted assault on his person.
The report notes that while they were on their way to arrest the accused female, Christoph got angered while in a verbal exchange with one of the arresting officers which resulted to the officer being assaulted and injured by the Liberian musician who absconded the scene.
The arresting officers indicated that Christoph soon returned with a Golf club (stick) and attempted hitting the head of one of the officers. According to our Metro Depot officers,, this led some bystanders to have intervened in helping officers to restrain him.
While these arresting efforts were ongoing, there is a video footage that has gone viral on social media where some of our officers are seen using Christoph’s Golf club (stick) on the Liberian artist when he had already been restrained and taken to our depot.
The leadership of the LNP headed by Hon.. Patrick Sudue categorically condemns such unprofessional action and assure the public that appropriate disciplinary action will be taken after the conduct of a Professional Standards investigation.
The public can also be assured that Christoph’s assault on our officer will also be investigated with appropriate action taken in line with the penal laws of Liberia.
The Liberian artist is currently detained at the headquarters of the Liberian National Police while the officers in the video footage face Professional Standards investigations.
The public will be duly informed of the outcomes of these investigations.

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