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LNP Arrests Motorcycle Rogues

By Precious D. Freeman
The Liberia National Police (LNP) has released the names of the four alleged notorious motorcycle thieves who were arrested in the Gardnerville belt over the weekend.
Those arrested were Edward Mamulu CKA Authomatic, 20; Amara Saysay CKA Rickross, 20; Alfred Tarweh CKA Chemical, 22 and Abraham Conde CKA Hardhead boy, aged 22 and explained that the individuals are currently in police custody and when duly charged will be forwarded to court.
In a press conference held yesterday at the LNP headquarter, spokesman Moses Carter, explained that for some time now, there have been complaints of motorbikes theft and hijack through several other means but reported that the police have been able to clamp down on some of the cases.
Mr. Carter said, it was brought to their attention that the bike operators are always attacked by individuals or gangs carrying cutlass, knives and other deadly weapons while their bikes are taken away but pointed out, “We have been running lots of intelligence in ensuring that we can prevent these acts of which some of our citizens have been victimized and we have made significant progress in that direction.”
“These four individuals who were alleged to have been rampaging the entire Somalia Drive of some our innocent citizens’ bikes through dubious and criminal means, were arrested by our Anti-Robbery Unit,” he disclosed.
“If this is the only means of living, we urge you to find different means of living and if you do not find different means of living we will not hesitate to ensure that the law will take its course,” he warned the perpetrators.
Meanwhile, Carter has promised that the police remain very committed to ensuring that individuals who are engaged in such act will not go with impunity but will be made to face the full weight of law.
Mr. Carter is also pleading with citizens to share information because according to him, information shared help to bridge lots of criminal’s offenses and help to make them achieve successfully in the fight against crime.

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