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LNBA Presidential Candiate Against Reduction Of Judges’ Salaries

A presidential aspirant of the Liberian National Bar Association (LNBA), Abrahim B. Sillah, has termed the reduction of justices and judges wages an assault on the independence of the Judiciary and flagrant violation of the Liberian Constitution.
Speaking over the weekend at the formal launch of Team Sillah, the Bar’s aspirant assured that he will intervene in the trial judges’s legal action against the Government of Liberia by protecting defending and enhancing adherence to the rule of law, the independence of the ?Judiciary as well as the administration of justice.
“Any action by the executive and or the legislative branches of government that attempts to undermine the independence of the Judiciary affects the administration of justice and by extension the peace and stability of the nation,” Cllr. Sillah maintained.
According to him, the Judicial Resolution authorizes the LNBA to engage the ???judiciary, state and non-state actors as well as other stakeholders to work together for ???the establishment of an intermediate appellate court.
“We will pursue this course ???of action because we believe that the establishment of said court will lead to the speedy determination and resolution of some cases; promote access to justice and the rule of law and also enhance the productivity and efficiency of the Supreme Court; promote and maintain the peace and stability of the nation,” cllr. Sillah revealed.
He admitted that the construction of the LNBA headquarters is a very ambitious project that cannot be ?funded fully from the pockets of members of the Bar.
“We must organize fundraising ?programs, engage and solicit assistance from the state, business community, the larger ?society, partners, and financial lending institutions to advance that construction in ?addition to the contribution of lawyers,” he proffered.
Meanwhile, Cllr. Sillah maintained that magistrates and circuit judges should not be required to obtain license in order to ???practice or be in good standing with the Bar as the appointment and commissioning ??of judges are sufficient to authorize their practice and the payment of Bar due should suffice for good standing .

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