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Liberia’s Presidential Religious
Advisor Leads Spiritual Summit

By Precious D Freeman
The ‘Liberia Spiritual Summit for Peace, Reconciliation Prayer Summit’ has been launched in Monrovia.
The five-day prayer time intended to heal Liberia from the bandage of spirituality begins at the S.K.D Sports Complex in Monrovia.
In an interview with reporters at the opening of the prayer time, the Presidential Religious Advisor to Liberia, Rev. Emmanuel Nimely, made a clarion call that everyone engages the throne of God and pray for Liberia.
He explained that it all started on August 13 2006 when he visited Ghana at the Liberian refugee camp and the Lord gave him a vision for the country, which concerns the holding of a peace and reconciliation summit.
He said due to the country’s 14-year old civil war, everyone was affected and that makes it important that Liberia gets spiritually cleanse and therefore requests that the summit be held across the country simultaneously for the five days.
The charismatic prelate told journalists that over the years there has been prayer and fasting held or organized by other spiritual leaders around the world and stated that this attitude must continue.
Rev. Nimely however acknowledged that this submit will bring a great difference to Liberia’s spiritual growth, restore Liberia’s image spiritually, restoring peace and reconciliation which he thinks is key to the country’s development drive.
He referenced Luke 18: 1 saying “let us always pray” and it is not because we prayed yesterday means that there should not be another prayer time today; it has to be a continuous process. “We are going to pray for Liberia’s physical and spiritual cleansing according to Jeremiah 33: 3 which says, ‘Always call on me and I will answer.”
He used the occasion to call on all clergy, deacons and deaconesses as well as the Liberia Council of Churches to be part of the prayer submit as he believes that this is going to take Liberia to the next level spiritually.
The five day even which runs from December will bring together over 100 pastors and spiritual leaders including guest ministers from London, The United States, Nigeria, Ivory Coast Cameroon Sierra Leone, among others.

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