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Liberia’s Metrological Services, Transport Launch Climate Change Framework

By Precious D. Freeman

The Ministry of Transport (MoT) and the Liberia Metrological Services have launched a national validation workshop on the strategic action plan for a national framework on climate services (NFCS) in Liberia.

The launch of the set of international arrangements intended to include Liberia into the coordination of global activities relative to climate services was held at a local hotel yesterday in Monrovia.

The Deputy Minister for Transport, Sirleaf Tyler explained that the Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS) was endorsed by Heads of States and Governments, Ministers and Heads of Delegation representing more than 150 countries, 34 United Nations Organizations and 36 Governmental and non-Governmental international organizations at the Third World Climate Conference (WCC-3).

According to the Minister, the framework aimed at providing widespread social, economic and environmental benefits through more effective climate and disaster risk management has other actions that when embarked will enhance the Ministry’s work.

According to the representative of ECOWAS, Y Bernard Koffi, the World Metrological Organization (WMO) adopted a plan in 2012 to implement the GCFS and encourage its members to develop and implement the NFCS.

“Last year between September 30 to October 4, Liberian stakeholders to the national framework assembled here as part of the implementation of the ECOWAS Meteorological program for national consultation towards establishment and implementation of NFCSs,” Mr. Koffi recalled.

The ECOWAS representative explained that the major outcome of that national consultation is the draft NFCS that incorporates national priority sectors identified and agreed upon sensitive to climate impacts which are agriculture and food security, water resources, energy, health and disaster risk reduction.   

“The ECOWAS Commission is committed to these processes relative to addressing climate change impacts in the region and it is essential to note that the Commission has endorsed the AGRHYMET Regional Center as a Regional Climate Center (RCC) in order to ensure effective coordination and to facilitate the implementation of the national framework as recommended by the WMO, “he explained further.

According to GFCS Chairperson, Dieudonne Pascal Alda Yaka, the purpose of the NFCS is basically to coordinate and enable institutions to work together to co-design, co-produce, communicate, deliver and make use of climate services for decision-making in climate-sensitive socio-economic sectors.

“The performance of Liberia and other African countries on several economic sectors such as education, commercial activities, transport, agriculture, aviation, water resources, urban infrastructure, fisheries, hydropower, tourism and importance matters as food security, public health, civil protection, peace, security, energy, to name a few depend on a critical and timely hydro meteorological and climate information’s and services,” he averred.

Mr. Yaka therefore called on development partners to support the process and also welcomed the partnership between ECOWAS, AGRHYMET, ACMAD, WMO and the Government of Liberia through the development and launch of the strategic action plan.

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