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“Liberia’s In Economic War”
…Says Cummings

By S. Siapha Mulbah (Cub Reporter)
Alternative National Congress (ANC) political leader Alexander B. Cummings says the Weah-led Government is not in the business of making Liberia as it is expected to be.
Trashing President Weah’s latest state of the nation address which Cummings termed as insensitive and offensive, he thereby maintained that as long as the President continuously make false reports to clean the image of the country to the outside world, the nation will not get the expected connections to boost its development and economic agenda.
According to him, Liberia is at war with its economy and that has caused untold sufferings on Liberians noting; “Peace is not only the absence of the sound of guns in the country but also the persistent suffering of the citizens as they lack better healthcare delivery system, education and security, among many others.”
He said the Liberian leader is deceiving the people with such report year after year with the intention of campaigning to keep them in the present war they continue to fight with their economy.
According to Cummings, it sounds wicked and irresponsible to see or hear President Weah brag about Liberia’s economic growth over the years when the rate of a Liberian dollar against a United States dollar remains a major challenge under his watch.
“The President has failed and is again hoping to deceive Liberians so that they continue suffering by his insensitive and disgraceful as well as offensive accounts on this economy that is going down the drain,” Cummings stated.
“Liberia’s economy is the slowest among Mano River Union countries while the Weah-led administration is wastefully spending on servicing and buying new cars for 103 lawmakers,” Cumming emphasized.
The ANC’s political leader maintained that the present government is placing the country into huge debts that will cause incoming generations to have a deficit and possibly break the economy beyond any point that it could recover again.
“In four years, this country has borrowed US$600 million; from 2018, our national debt was at 1.039 billion and presently Liberia’s national debt has increased to 1.69 billion, which is making the future worse than making it better for us and our children,” he revealed.
“Liberia has one of the best soil for agricultural yet, Weah has budgeted zero dollars for agriculture and that will be for the next three years; with his office alone has more allotted in the national budget than the entire Ministry of Agriculture,” Cummings noted.
Cummings also said the government has failed to implement hundreds of promises made to the Liberian people before ascending to the presidency that is ending into money laundering and corruption games against the Liberian people.
He reported that the Weah’s Popo beach project is currently into a deal to steal from the country’s revenue because at the start of the project the government estimated about US$800, 000 for the full completion contrary to its new estimate of US$3 million that is two times over the initial cost.
“Corruption has been in the driving seat of the current administration, even just before the President’s state of the nation address, we heard of US$ 14 million that was meant for rice but was stolen; another corruption scandal is at the National Elections Commission undermining the integrity of the country,” he said.
ANC political leader said the flag of corruption that is flying over Liberia will never end when President Weah fails to leads by example thereby urging him along with all of his officials to immediately declare their assets.

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