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Liberia’s Future Rest With Youths

The Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Mr. Alexander Cummings says Liberia’s future lies in the hands of the youths, who constitute 65 percent of the voting population, who must be conscious of electing leaders that genuinely care for its citizens.
Cummings said Liberia has abundant wealth and natural resources, while the vast majority live in extreme poverty, due to insensitivity of leaders who without fear, are plundering the resources and squandering the wealth at the detriment of its citizens.
He spoke on Thursday, January 26, at programs marking the installation of officers of the National Muslim Students Association of Liberia in Monrovia.
The CPP Standard Bearer stressed the need for unity amongst students nationwide against electing corrupt and incompetent leaders who have over the years robbed them of a better future and subjected them to extreme sufferings and hardships.
Cummings reassured the student community, of a brighter future, through an efficient and transparent management of the country’s resources for the general good of all Liberians.
He said Liberia with an estimated population of five million, is too rich to be in such deplorable state, because of leaders who don’t care about the wellbeing of citizens that elected them to power.
Cummings vowed to institute genuine real change with the election of a CPP Government, come October 10, General and Presidential Elections in Liberia.
Notwithstanding, student leader, Abraham Dorley of the National Muslim Students Association of Liberia, spoke of the need for Muslims to advocate for the observance of major Islamic events as public national holidays in Liberia.

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