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“Liberians Are Suffering Under Weah”
-senator Joseph Confesses

An executive member of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change, Senator Saah Joseph has made a public confession that many Liberians are suffering from hunger under the Weah-Taylor regime.
The Senator of Montserrado County and Chair on the Statutory Committee on Executive at the Liberian Senate made the assertions upon his return from the United States of America over the weekend.
In his statement to scores of citizens of Montserrado during his welcoming ceremony held in Monrovia at the weekend, Senator Joseph also admitted that citizens across the country do not have access to job opportunities for better education.
The CDC lawmaker also named poor health condition including the lack of job to improve the livelihood of ordinary citizens as major constraints faced by the people under the CDC government.
Senator Joseph also identified the riding of motorbikes for commercial purpose as their only source of income for Liberian youths, questioning the status of their future in the next ten years to come.
“There are individuals that even graduated from high schools, but where is their future? Do they have the opportunity to go to colleges or go to vocational schools? There are people who had graduated from high schools for more than five years, but they are sitting home. These are the problems that we are facing in the country,” Sen. Joseph emphasized.
At the same time, “People say because they cannot afford the money to go to hospital they have given up; they only lie down and wait for death to take them along. If you go to some communities; they have people like that today. They’re sick, they’re in the community but they don’t have money to go to hospital so they have given up; only waiting to die,” Sen. Joseph narrated.
“Some of those deaths are not because the sickness is so difficult, but because people cannot afford the money to go to clinics or hospitals,” he stressed.
Ironically, the CDC lawmaker has sent out an open challenge to his constituents and oppositions stating that he should be replaced in the 2023 elections if they ever find anyone who has worked more than him in serving the people of Montserrado County.
Senator Saah Joseph further indicated that his services in the county and other parts of the country are not based on political motive, but his commitment and responsibility to seeking the interest of his people.
“I want you to know this; I have said it before and I’m going to say it again. If you see anybody who has done or who can do more than me in Montserrado County, then leave me out and go and vote for them,” he intimated.

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