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Liberian Specialists Launch
Tax Research Center

Few Liberians specialists over the weekend launched a Tax Research Center named and styled Tax Research Actions and Development (TREAD).

TREAD is a non-governmental organization, policy research center and fiscal policy think tank founded to conduct ccomparative studies and programmatic developmental activities in order to tackle the challenges of underdevelopment, amends deficiency in developmental governance and to solve the classical goal conflict between efficiency and income distribution in support of the Sustainable Development Goals.

TREAD is a serious organization consisting of national and international tax lawyers, economists, tax practitioners and pragmatic thinkers from all academic works of life.

Speaking during the launch, the Co-founder and Executive Director, Rufus B. Senyon, said tax research institutions have been a medium for providing rigorous analysis and proffering tax policies proposals for governments to be more responsive to the needs of its people.

The Liberian International tax lawyer stressed that non-governmental tax research-based organizations over the years served to provide data driven research and policies recommendations for equitable and sustainable tax systems.

The Swedish trained tax specialist noted that aside from shaping the debate to inform policy makers perspective on citizens rescue plans leading to better economic welfare bills, they are also conduit for domestic revenue mobilization through tax awareness and education as they strive for a better economic and social wellbeing for all.

He described his organization as a mediator between the government and the public via the media and academics to provide specialists research on every imaginable fiscal policy area.

“We believe that better tax policy and information, rigorous analysis and new social welfare policies along with clear communication can shape decisions and improve citizens’ wellbeing. That why TREAD will provide high quality, timely and non-political research, and development analysis with an unflagging commitment to translating complex analysis into accessible and engaging language,” he stressed.

In conclusion he said, “Fiscal policy involves the use of tax revenues and government expenditures to influence the economy, rigorous analysis of fiscal instruments such as revenue codes and regulations as well as strong tax policy recommendations will mean addressing the rudimentary problems and challenges affecting the society.”

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