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Liberian Red Cross Donates 3000 Surgical Gowns To JFK

The Liberia National Red Cross Society (LNRCS) presented 3000 pieces of isolation gowns to the Management of the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital (JFK) to aid frontline healthcare workers in managing the aftermath of the Totota tragedy.
The Government referral hospital is currently treating some of those who recently sustained injuries during the devastating gasoline tanker explosion in Totota, Bong County
The Red Cross WASH and Disaster Management Officer, Samuel Woods, emphasized that donation is an expression of solidarity and support from the Red Cross to the management of JFK and its dedicated healthcare professionals, adding that the Isolation gowns play a crucial role in protecting healthcare workers from fluid penetration and infectious droplets.
Mr. Woods on behalf of the Liberian Red Cross stated: “This donation is our way of identifying with JFK for the commendable work they are doing in the health sector of the country. In times of crisis, collaboration and support are essential, and we are committed to standing together to overcome the challenges posed by such tragic incidents.”
The Deputy Chief Executive Officer at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital, Dama Yekeson-Koffa, expressed heartfelt gratitude for the timely and impactful donation.
“We are very grateful; we were just discussing with our Director for Nursing, Roselyn Ballah, how much these supplies are needed. The 3000 isolation gowns can be used on the patients right now,” she stated.
Dr. Yekeson-Koffa highlighted the critical need for isolation gowns, especially for patients with varying degrees of burns resulting from the explosion.
“Lots of the patients brought to JFK have body burns between 30 to 82 percent, and they are losing fluid and heat at a high rate of infection. These gowns will allow us to cover them up and also protect those coming into close contact with them, reducing the risk of further infection. This is a high need, and on behalf of my boss Dr. Jerry Brown and the rest of the team, we say thank you so much to the Red Cross,” she added.
The collaboration between the Liberia National Red Cross Society and JFK Hospital underscores the importance of collective efforts in addressing the humanitarian needs arising from unforeseen crises. The Red Cross remains committed to supporting communities and institutions in Liberia during challenging times.
The Liberia National Red Cross Society is a humanitarian organization committed to preventing and alleviating human suffering in the face of emergencies. Through a network of dedicated volunteers, the Red Cross provides vital support to communities affected by disasters and crises.
The John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital is a leading healthcare institution dedicated to providing quality medical services to the people of Liberia and plays a vital role in the healthcare sector of the country.

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