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Liberian Inventor Presents Hand-Washing Machine To LIPO

By Precious D. Freeman
A Liberian Inventor Louis Tealeh of the “Tealeh Technical Services,” yesterday presented self-made hand washing machine to the Liberia Intellectual Property Office (LIPO).
In an interview following the presentation, Mr. Tealeh explained that LIPO recently gave him the certification of registration of Industrial Design for which he decided to donate the hand washing material to them as a means of appreciation.
According to him, the company has been in existence since 2004 and he has invented lots of components including the Women Control Stroke System, The Electronic Presidential Album and Electronic Club, adding, that his products have also gone international.
Mr. Tealeh recalled that in 2014 the automatic hand-washing bucket, invented to fight Ebola Virus was installed at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was also used by the former President, Sirleaf, employees and visitors to the Executive Mansion which, he considered as one of his progressive works.
“The automatic hand-washing system was developed to serve as the first line of defense, which is not limited to only virus prevention, but also used for hygienic purpose, most especially for places such as school campuses, hospitals and clinics for the promotion of good health and hygiene in communities and anywhere,” he explained.
He added that this organization used to be single but there are now about four groups that are now operating, such as the Ministry of Education which got involved in the system that had been invented by taking the idea of putting various groups together to fight the virus (COVID-19).
Meanwhile he is grateful to the President George Manneh Weah for always supporting the idea about his inventions, and for introducing him to people that had helped to promote his idea of innovation and scientific development in the country.
He noted that one of the main reasons why Liberia has gone backward is because people have the habit of going against productivity, adding that people lack knowledge and at the same time they work not to gain knowledge.
“If people were supporting productive idea then by now Liberia would have been a developed nation, because even when the President tries to do some initiatives, there are people who go and oppose the idea and do things to suppress the idea,” he said.
Meanwhile, he is appealing to the President to continue to support good innovations and ideas because it is only through this the nation will move forward.

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