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“Liberian Electorates Must
Change Their Mindset”
-Amb. Collins

Ambassador Alpha Bird Collins says Liberians must change their mindset.
He said the attitude of dependency, lack of education, lack of vocational trade and others are major reasons for Liberians electing wrong leaders.
Cllr. Collins who is the first Liberian elected politician on the Labor Party ticket of Great Britain as Town Councilor said the demand of the people of District 10 during the 2017 election was rice and $5 which he thought was not necessary.
According to him, the people questioned him about what they will eat if they are to accept his school materials but with no answer, they voted other contestants who gave them few cups of rice and $5 that they have no more.
He asserted that education is the way forward adding, “It is noteworthy that books or education got me to where I am. I am an international player with multiple contacts around the world who Liberia needs.”
The Liberian diplomat made the statement when he engaged some media editors over the weekend at his residence while being questioned why he chose to give his services to the white instead of his homeland or the black people.
According to Ambassador Collins, the foreigners elected him to serve them because of his educational policy and good governance style instead of what they could consume within no time.
The partisan of the True Whig Party who previously ran on the ticket of the Unity Party said he was rejected twice to represent District 10 but attributed his donation of thousands of books and hundreds of laptops to schools in the district to his rejection.
He explained that the electorates whom he considered his own people who did not know him then or valued him rejected him but whether he has interested in aspiring, the Ambassador said he is giving that decision a thought.
Cllr. Amb. Collins is also the first Liberian Licensed FIFA player Agent and Goodwill Ambassador to FIFA with a master’s degree in international law and also speaks eight international languages.
Having lived on the Old Road for 54 years, the Councilor stated that he has traveled to 71 distinct countries around the world and studied law as well as journalism in the United Kingdom and proudly said, he also pilots light air-crafts.

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