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Liberian Brutalized In Dubai
…Needs Assistance For Brain Surgery

By Bill W. Cooper
Sebastine S.B. Kemokai is appealing to the Liberian government and other well-meaning humanitarians for assistance to enable his grandson undergo brain surgery.
According to Kemokai who walked into the Inquirer to explain his grandson’s ordeal, 27 year old Muctaru Kemokai developed brain problem after he was allegedly brutalized by two Cameroonians in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.
In an exclusive interview with this paper recently, Mr. Kemokai stated that he got the information about Muctaru from some of his workmate and stated that the boy’s life is now at stake and needs some urgent intervention.
“I am just appealing to the Liberian government, NGO and everybody to please help save the life of my boy because pour family do not have the money the hospital are now requesting for to do the brain surgery,” he cried out.
However, in an audio recording emanating from Dubai (UAE), a fellow named Clinton S. William, a Liberian in Dubai that he and Kemokai work for a manufacturing company in Dubai called Auto Millennium Group.
He explained that Kemokai came from out and met two Cameroonians who share the same accommodation with him drinking beer and he jokingly grabbed the beer bottle and decided to drink.
In the process, Clinton said one of the Cameroonians told him to get a cup if he wants to drink instead of taking the bottle, noting that while the discussion was going on, one of them decided to run behind him.
According to him, after few minutes, Kemokai who holds a BSc degree in information technology was found behind a parked vehicle lying in a pool of blood, stating, “I don’t know what he did to him, but we are told they opened his head while one of his sides was paralyzed.”
Additionally, Clinton stated that other people came around and took Kemokai to hospital, where he’s currently receiving treatment but indicated that Kemokai needs to do brain surgery as a result of the injury sustained on his head.
Clinton further asserted that the matter was reported to the management of the car manufacturing company, but has since refused to act claiming that the incident occurred outside of their accommodation area.
“Interestingly, the Cameroonian is still going to work while Kemokai is lying in severe pain at the hospital, and other Liberians who work with the car manufacturing company wanted to call in the police but are afraid that they could be intimidated and risked losing their job,” Clinton pointed out.
“So, against this backdrop, we are appealing to other Liberians who are not working with Auto millennium Group to take up the case in order for Kemokai to get justice because he could be your brother, father or any other relatives,” he averred.

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