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Liberia, The Latest Appointments At NEC, My Take – An Open Advice

Let me try to be less technical but very simple to hammer home some points on the subject matter above.

CHIEF, why do you always leave out your best & brightest and appoint your less sophisticated? Why do you always create noise in the country and heroes out of people when you have no reason to? Why do you force words out of people even when they decide to remain quiet in their corners? Why? Just look deep within your ranks, your very ranks, they are there.
The well trained and qualified ones. Appoint them. There are some good, prepared, competent and qualified ones. Appoint them and You will receive applauds from us all. We all know the competence and capabilities of each other in this little country. We are not saying appoint oppositions, or “No Positions” or whatever one may term it.
Because “it’s your time” and we all know this. All we are saying, appoint only the Liberians with beautiful minds. As a lawyer myself, I am not however going to deal with the ethical and legal issues surrounding the appointments at the NEC. Let’s table that a bit. There are already many substantive legal issues which I believe have already been sufficiently dealt with by many good scholars on the appointment and the need for reconsiderations at the NEC.
And am in agreement. I am more concern here about how the ruling establishment do vetting and whether it is done on competent based skill sets, ethics, morales, due diligence and the likes especially with entrusted public services.
We have other qualified, well experienced and competent natural born Liberians, right on your “confidant” lists. Yes, “it’s your time”. We are saying appoint them. And stop playing with the future of ALL of us and our children by always bringing out your less competent, irrespective of natural born or naturalized citizens.
It hurts! Because many of us are friends with other good members of your ranks whom we hold in high esteem with respect. Why are you leaving them out and always shaming your institution as if you lack thereof? For God’s sake, I take God to beg you. STOP! And appoint the qualified, competent, ethical and well respected Liberians right within your backyard. Hold their feet to the fire and see whether or not they won’t produce.
No doubt, we all want the best for our country. But your actions show that you are even afraid or not too comfortable with your “very” competent, ethical and well educated members of your ranks. And the question remains, Why? You have the country at heart. Don’t you? You should be surrounded by these kinds of Liberians right from within your ranks. Draw them much closer as THE leader.
This country belongs to all of us. And we all worked hard to bring it from the ashes of war and set it on a smooth path for you as the successor; leaving a well-structured mat. Lead well! Govern well! And leave a good path as your predecessor did inorder that your successor can do the same. Supportive Institutions of governance we all helped to build are now struggling if not already crumbled. And you expect good Liberians to just remain silent? Why would you always try to defend the indefensible.
Why are you testing the resolve & love of the Liberian people? And many of your die-hards do these without any morales or remorse, no guiding principles or love for country. Where have all these gone? And sadly, it is amazing when we hear or read from some people who should be of like minds defending the indefensible as if there is no tomorrow? Where and how did we lost it all? And for what or why? Yet still, there are still some good Liberians within your ranks. And they are speaking and writing.
But are the “real” decision makers listening? The National Election Commission (NEC) and all other appointive institutions are not a place of testing grounds. STOP and appoint well vetted and qualified Liberians. Lives are at stake here. Why do you want to force this “ONE” appointment at all cost from 4.5 million of your citizens?

It brings out smoking gun, an inquisitive mind may wonder. And you are spending quality time of the Senate and tax payers’ money to ensure you get this highly controversial appointment through. Why? Look deep within thyself. How do you feel with all the noise on this appointment as social media have been overtaken by storm on a 1982 photo gallery. For the love of God, this is 2020 and not 1871 Chief. Listen to your citizens – they represent the voice of God.
Look deeply within your heart for the love of country. Are you really satisfied with ALL of your appointments? Safe me the break of the Senate confirmation. I know that. And you and I know the rest of the story. But why appoint controversial ones anyway? Why are you doing this to our country? It’s hard to sit and don’t talk even if you don’t want to talk. Kindly STOP and LEAD and GOVERN well Sir! And let history be kind to you, as this too shall pass. The True Whig Party spent over 100 years and they passed.
Others came and spent less time, and they passed. Some constitutionally and some not too kindly but violently. You too, shall pass, no matter how long or how not too long it takes. But history and the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob shall be the just & righteous judge of us all. Lead well Sir for the love of God and our Country.
Our country deserves better and all you need to do is lead and govern well. You will never hear us talk or write but only applaud you for good governance and a functioning democracy. Simple!
Finally, I take God to beg you, withdraw that highly controversial appointment at the NEC and in addition do the same with two other less sophisticated ones made there. This is a national government for heaven’s sake. You could still find other less sophisticated posts to suit some of your die-hards.
But appoint your highly qualified and competent ones – even if you have no intention of considering other well trained and experienced Liberians outside your circles; you should have prioritized your very well educated, competent & experienced ones from under the “tree”. Peoples’ lives and wellbeing of the state are at stake here. All we are saying, vet them well and bring out your best & brightest.
Lead and govern well. How hard is this? You may never hear from some of us if you do these rather simple things of good governance, democracy and institutional building. May God continues to bless you, Sir; and save our dear Country in Jesus name. Amen!
Written by:
Atty Aagon F. Tingba, Jr.; Esq., MBA, MPA

  • Former Deputy Minister for Administration – Ministry of Education
  • Former Director, World Bank, Capacity building, Public Financial Management / Procurement Training Program
  • Lecturer, University of Liberia Graduate & Undergraduate Schools
  • Consultant, NOGAA Financial Group, Inc., Certified Public Accountant & Management Consultancy Firm
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