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Liberia: Our Identity, Our Pride!

Fellow Liberians!
Liberia is the only identity that binds all Liberians together. This piece of land is the size of the state of Tennessee in the United States. It is the oldest independent country in Africa aside from Ethiopia. It belongs to all Liberians, at home and abroad. It is our land. It is our home. It is our house. It is our pride.
It was taken back from the American Colonization Society and was put together as a free country on July 26, 1847.
This identity is bigger than any county. Bigger than any district. Bigger than any community, bigger than any neighborhood and bigger than any household.
It is also bigger than a single man and a single woman.
It is our Valuable pride. Valuable than the pride of any tribe. Valuable than the pride of any dialect. Valuable than the cultural belief of any group.
It belongs to all religions. It belongs to all the people.
That is why we say, “the Love of Liberty Brought Us Here.”
Brought us on the land of freedom, a land of equality, a land of rule of and justice for all, a land of fair play, a land of equal fighting chance, a land of equal learning and job opportunities.
It is our country, a country of competing ideas, a country of religious tolerance, and a country of open minds and diversity.
These are the intended reasons for the freedom of our country.
My fellow Liberians, our problem is not because our country does not have enough resources. Yes, we do have enough resources.
Enough to take Liberia out of poverty.
Enough to send all our children to free government schools from ABC to 12th grade.
Enough to give all pregnant women free care in public hospitals and clinics.
Enough to give free care to all the elderly from 65 years old and above.
Enough to get the victims of drug off the streets for recovery and skills trainings.
Enough to keep water and electricity running in government ministries and agencies.
Enough to keep water and electricity running for private entities and business institutions.
Enough to supply water and power to schools and hospitals and clinics.
Enough to clear the garbage from the streets and communities.
Enough to keep water running in bathrooms, at offices, public and private places and at homes.
Yes, I mean the resources of gold for wedding rings, diamond for drilling and mining, timbers for manufacturing, rubber for transportation, cocoa for chocolate, and coffee for mental alertness.
Yes, Water Falls for better health and fishery. Mountains for fresh water supply, Valleys for rich soils, Rain Forest for stabilization of Climate in the World.
And yes, the transformation of Providence Island to ignite our founding history for culture and tourism, for display and preserve our historical arts.
And yes, for the proper utilization of revenues from the Freeport of Monrovia to help renovate the ports of Buchanan, Greenville, and Harper.
And yes, for the proper utilization of revenues from the Maritime Program to support societal needs such as recovery and training programs of our drugs victims.
And yes, the proper utilization of revenue from Roberts International Airport to renovate the James Springfield in Sinkor, Greenville airfield in Sinoe, Harper airfield in Maryland County.
My Fellow Liberians, there are two main things killing our country,

  1. Dark cloud of corruption
  2. Dark cloud of selective justice.
    And yes, the dark cloud of corruption and selective rule of law prevent the projected physical and social-economic framework as the development hallmark of our country. The framework of construction engineering.
    Framework of pipe-borne water supply, Framework of electricity, Framework of communication, Framework of schools, Framework of hospitals and clinics and, Framework of food production.
    And yes, in the 15 counties, 73 electoral districts and 134 administrative districts.
    These two problems, dark cloud of corruption and selective justice, prevent the let-out of the skills and talents within our children.
    Talent of becoming a doctor.
    Talent for technology.
    Talent of Scientific research.
    Talent of mechanical engineering.
    Talent of electrical engineering.
    Talent of construction engineering.
    Talent for piloting an airplane.
    Talent for captaining a ship.
    If you agree with everything, then the question is why so? And we say, it is so because we have got it wrong all the time. I mean the time to pick our leaders, representatives, senators, and president.
    I ask you. I say to you. I encourage you. I appeal to you. That for the first time, at this moment. In these elections. On Tuesday, October 10, 2023.
    Vote Tiawan Saye Gongloe and Emmanuel Urey K. Yarkpawolo for President and Vice President.
    Gongloe and Yarkpawolo to remove the dark cloud of corruption over our country.
    Gongloe and Yarkpawolo to end the selective justice system for equal treatment under the law.
    Gongloe and Yarkpawolo to rebuild trust between the government and the people.
    Gongloe and Yarkpawolo to rebuild trust among all Liberians.
    Gongloe and Yarkpawolo to make the Liberian identity that binds us all, true in practice.
    Gongloe and Yarkpawolo to establish offices for the issuance of birth certificates, driver license, and passports to all the 15 counties.
    Make it true in practice over a position in government, over a position in the society, over tribe, over county, over connections, over biological and other relationship.
    Liberians are bounded by the Liberian identity, our pride.
    Yes, vote, Gongloe and Yarkpawolo for a better Liberia for all.
    May God Bless Liberia and its people. Thank you!
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