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“Liberia Needs Managers, Not Politicians” -Cllr. Brumskine Asserts

By Bill W. Cooper

The vice standard bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Charlyne Brumskine, emphasized the need for managerial expertise to head the governance of Liberia, rather than relying solely on traditional politicians.

Cllr. Brumskine, among other things, lamented that the old politicians have massively failed Liberia, and stressed, “So, it is time that the Liberians elect a leader who has the managerial expertise like Mr. Alexander B. Cummings to change and better their lives.”

With the fast ticking of the clock, Liberians across the country will, 19 days from now, go to the polls to elect a President and Vice President, as well as 15 Senators and 73 Representatives, to steer the affairs of the country for the next six years.

Cllr. Brumskine and her Standard Bearer, Alexander B. Cummings, face stiff competition from incumbent President, George M. Weah, and the 2017 Presidential elections runner-up, Joseph Boakai of the Unity Party (UP), and 16 other presidential candidates for the country’s Presidency.

But Cllr. Brumskine, appearing on OK FM radio Wednesday, September 20, 2023, in Monrovia, emphasized that a managerial approach is crucial for addressing the pressing issues that continue to hinder the country’s progress, which is something she said the CPP has.

She also highlighted the complex and multifaceted nature of governance, which requires a skill set encompassing strategic planning, resource allocation, and efficient execution.

These attributes, the CPP running mate noted, are more readily found in experienced managers who possess a proven track record of success in their respective fields, while serving in the private sector.

According to her, a glaring gap exists between the skills traditionally associated with politicians and those required to effectively manage the affairs of a nation, and as such, a Cummings-Brumskine government is capable of ensuring just that.

The CPP vice Standard Bearer further urged Liberians to learn from successful countries and organizations, by placing a greater emphasis on managerial expertise when voting on October 10 of this year.

She maintained, “Because by doing so, Liberia can tap into a wealth of talent and experience that may otherwise go untapped in a political landscape dominated by traditional politicians.”

“Implementing such an approach would ensure that those responsible for leading our country possess the necessary managerial acumen to navigate complex issues, effectively allocate resources, and drive impactful change, as well as ensure the attracting of direct foreign investment that will provide jobs for our people,” she said.

Meanwhile, Brumskine has blasted the government of President Goerge M. Weah for its poor handling of Liberia’s Economy, which she said has led to the country experiencing its highest form of poverty.

She also lambasted the past regime of the Unity Party, headed by former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, for the mismanagement of the country’s resources over their 12 years of rule, calling on Liberians to reject both the UP and Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) in October.

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