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‘Liberia Has Great Potential To Liberate’ -UPF Boss Discloses

By Bill W. Cooper
The Chairperson of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) International has made a frantic disclosure, shedding light on Liberia’s tremendous potential to liberate its citizens and usher in a new era of prosperity and progress.
Charles Shik Yang emphasized the country’s capacity to break free from years of turmoil and strife, positioning itself as a beacon of hope and transformation in the heart of West Africa, owing to its many natural resources.
He spoke over the weekend, during a program marking the official UPF-Liberia chapter and Young Ambassador for Peace (YAP) meet and greet event, which witnessed the presence of stakeholders from different institutions, at the Sinkor Palace Resort in Congo Town.
With a rich history and resilient spirit, Liberia has weathered significant challenges, including civil conflict and political instability, which have affected the country and its citizenry’s growth and development.
The UPF boss’s remarks underscored the nation’s promise and the pivotal role it could play in securing a brighter future for its people, and by harnessing its abundant resources and fostering inclusive governance, Liberia stands poised to chart a course towards sustainable development and empowerment.
Serving as the guest speaker of the occasion, the UPF boss lauded Liberia’s remarkable strides in fostering unity and reconciliation, vital components in building a cohesive society, testament to the country’s just ended October 10, 2023, general elections.
Emphasizing the need for collaborative efforts, Yang also urged leaders and stakeholders to embrace dialogue and cooperation, echoing the principles of mutual respect and understanding that serve as the foundation for lasting peace.
The UPF International Boss, highlighting the country’s untapped potential, underscored Liberia’s wealth of natural resources, strategic geographical position, and the resilience of its populace as key factors that can catalyze its resurgence.
This, he intoned, that by leveraging these assets and fortifying its institutions, the country can harness sustainable economic growth and enhance the well-being of its citizens, now and years to come.
Earlier giving the overview of the event, the Chairperson of YAP-Liberia chapter, Varney V. Sheriff, used the occasion to announce the launch of the proposed National Youth Peace Summit in Liberia.
The summit, he stressed, aims to unite young minds from all fifteen counties of Liberia, with a goal to consolidate their collective wisdom and formulate a comprehensive policy document on Youth Peace and Security.
According to him, the initiative also underscores their commitment to nurturing a generation that actively participates in major decision-making processes across Liberia, adding, “And to make this summit a reality, we earnestly solicit your support and funding.”
“Because together, we can empower the youth to be architects of peace and champions of security in Liberia, and as we stand on the cusp of a new era with Joseph Nyuma Boakai as president-elect, we call upon the incoming leadership to adopt an inclusive approach.
Let the empowerment of youth be at the forefront of your agenda, fostering an environment where their voices are heard and their potential realized. Let us embark on this journey hand in hand, driven by the unwavering belief that through unity, collaboration, and empowerment of the youth, we can build Liberia to be a shining example of peace and progress,” he added.

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