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Liberia Female U-20 Delegation Leaves For Sierra Leone

A 30-man Liberia Football Association (LFA) delegation left Monrovia for Bo, Sierra Leone on Monday.
It includes LFA women’s football director Francis Tamba, Senior Professionals secretary-general Dixon Kpan, national referee Klubo Gboluma, LFA security Alexander Pah and journalist Naneka Hoffman of Hott FM/TV.
The delegation will be headed by LFA technical director Henry Browne, who leaves Monrovia on Wednesday.
Liberia and Sierra Leone will clash in a female under-20 friendly international on 18 December.
Liberia will also take on Mogbewma Queens on 20 December and Mahmoud FC or Ram Kayany on 22 December in Bo.
Jenkins Doe and Naomi Peters will serve as head and deputy coaches.
Goalkeeping coach is Robertson Werner; administrative manager is Mamie Brown while Lydia Grant Boi and Vivian Sando will serve as medic and caretaker respectively.
The LFA will bear the full cost of the trip, including transportation, perdiems, feeding, accommodation, internal transportation and training essentials in Makeni and Bo during their stay.
Full squad
Goalkeepers: Lorpu Forkpah (World Girls), Jackie Touah (Determine Girls) and Zeta Kromah (Monrovia Football Academy)
Defenders: Blessing Nagbe and Blessing Kieh (Monrovia Football Academy); Amanda Powo (Blanco FC), Loretta Sackie (World Girls), Choice Tokpah (Shaitta FC) and Patience Kawolo (DC Shooters)
Midfielders: Hawa Kpan and Hawa Fatomah (World Girls), Bendu Kloty (Blanco FC) and Cynthia Nimely (Island Queens)
Forwards: Lucy Kikeh and Melissa Gebah (World Girls); Miatta Morris (Senior Professionals), Tetee Doe (Earth Angels) and Elizabeth Tamba (Determine Girls).

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