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Let’s Denounce All Acts Of Violence

ON TUESDAY, THE National Elections Commission, (NEC) released a statement strongly condemning an arson attack on its 9th Street premises which occurred late Monday night at about 10:30 P.M.
THE COMMISSION REPORTED that some unknown persons threw petrol bombs on its headquarters thereby setting ablaze a double cabin pickup, marked LB-6868 and the zine roof of the garage.
WHILE THE COMMISSION estimated the cost of the damages to about US$45, 000, preliminary investigation discovered additional unexploded petrol bombs near the NEC fence along the 10th Street side.
THE ARSON ATTACK on the premises of the NEC Headquarters is hoped that perpetrators will be found and brought to justice.
THE ACT METED out on the compounds of the NEC came at the heels of similar action which took place at the residence of Associate Justice Joseph N. Nagbe and the first group to denounce such was the Friends of Samukai (FOS) who described the act as lawless.
IT WAS BARELY a day when the FOS termed it as total ‘nonsense’ if anyone was to link that group to any such attacks, which the Liberian Senate buttressed by strongly condemning the acts and termed the throwing of petrol bombs and other lethal objects in recent times as an attack on our democracy.
THE LIBERIAN SENATE described it as a totally unacceptable, barbaric, evil, undemocratic, cowardly and unpatriotic attempt to intimidate the NEC and the Judiciary Branch in disposing of cases originating and/or associated with the December 8, 2020 Senatorial Elections fairly.
AMONG SEVERAL OTHERS who are spewing out similar condemnation publicly are the Collaborating Political Parties as well as the Center for Development and Elections Management comprised of former senior election managers; with the Liberia Council of Churches being the latest.
CEDEM CALLED ON Liberians to address our differences through peaceful dialogues within the confines of the law while the CPP through its Secretary General distanced members of the opposition from such act and termed it as being undemocratic and uncivil and the LCC buttressed by not only condemning the arson attacks but the growing wave of violence being reported across the country.
THE LCC’S PRESIDENT, Bishop Kortu K. Brown said the reports of petrol bomb attacks as well as the reported exchange of gunfire with alleged armed robbers within the Bushrod Island area are inimical to fostering peace, security and stability of the country.
INDEED, WE JOIN the many calls for speedy investigation into the reported attacks as we condemn the unwholesome acts alleged to be perpetrated by Liberians themselves against themselves.
WE CANNOT AGREE in any less term that it is expected that by now, we would have long passed these uncouth actions in search of justice and still bend over to crave for the sustainability of our democracy and fragile peace.
LET US NOT continue to make mockery of ourselves over petty issues that we can handle as a people with confidence that our government has the ability to expeditiously lay them to bed because we all know that Liberia’s only problem is with time.
THEREFORE, IN AS much as we call on the government to use every means to investigate these unfortunate incidences and bring all perpetrators to book, we are also cautioning those involved in such acts to desist because it will be foolhardy for anyone to think they will continue to thrive with evil under the cover of darkness and use the innocence of others as scapegoats.
REMEMBERING THAT IT is always ninety-nine days for a rogue and just one day for the master; Liberia belongs to everyone.

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