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Stresses Ethical Rebranding

The new president of assigned reporters at the Legislature says if they are to succeed in being a brand, they must first start with themselves.
“Any member who will use journalism to intimidate or harassed lawmakers for the purpose of extorting money will not get our support. Journalism is not for money making. Go and do business if you want to get rich,” the new LEGISPOOL president roared.
Journalist Henry Karmo told his colleagues that rebranding comes by setting standards and doing what is ethical as watchdogs of the society.
Reiterating his campaign promise of rebranding LEGISPOOL and noted that it will require lots of efforts and sacrifices from every members of the institution.
According to him, in as much as legislative assigned reporters’ work is to inform the public on the first branch of government; they must be professional though without fear or favor: reporting always the truth.
Karmo intoned, “We must demand the information needed for public consumption but to do that, we must first put ourselves in a position that will constrain lawmakers to provide the needed information for public consumption. Even if they don’t want to, we can achieve this by first recognizing that we are members of the fourth estate and by that I mean, we must first respect ourselves to demand respect.”
He added, “We request members of the Legislature to complain to our leadership about harassment and intimidation as we will not relent on naming and shaming those involved.
Meanwhile, those elected and inducted into office are expected to steer the affairs of LEGISPOOL for the next two years.
The new leaders are Henry Karmo, Frontpage Africa Newspaper, president; Haji Massaley, Spoon Network, vice-president; Agnes M. Tarr, Matrix Media INC, Secretary General; Amos P. Korzawu, Fortune TV, Assistant Secretary General, and Varney Dukuly, OK Fm, Financial Secretary.
At the same time, Karmo sound a caveat to officials of government including lawmakers not to see journalists as their “punching bags” stressing, “trust me, this leadership will not also relent on naming and shaming lawmakers who will use their powers or positions to intimidate journalists while discharging their duties.”
“This administration is open to working with this Legislature in the interest of our beloved Country. We members of LEGISPOOL are willing to propagate a positive image of the Legislature once the positive things are done. We intend to continue this relationship on the basis of mutual respect and collaboration in our separate roles as politicians and Journalists,” he maintained.
Representatives Ivar Jones, serving as Keynote speaker, admonished assigned reporters to be credible and balanced in news gathered at the Legislature.
Rep. Jones who reoresents Margibi County District 2, among other things, maintained that journalists coverage of the first branch of government is to always educate citizens on legislations proffered by lawmakers and enacted as well as other initiatives undertaken in various constituencies.
The Chairperson on Information Cultural Affairs and Tourism at the House made the called Friday, November 12, when he proxied for Speaker, Bhofal Chambers during program marking the 6th induction ceremony of elected officials of the Legislative Press Pool (LEGISPOOL).
Rep. Jones confessed that lawmakers depend hugely on legislative reporters to provide clearer understanding on the three cardinal responsibilities of a legislator which are categorized as lawmaking, oversight and representation.
Jones then committed the leadership of Speaker Chambers to closely working with the new leadership of LEGISPOOL.
He also urged the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) under the stewardship of Charles Coffey to ensure that a stronger mechanism is put into place to reprimand media practitioners who provide misinformation and disinformation to the Liberian population.
Meanwhile, a cash of LD100,000 was received by the leadership of LEGISPOOL from the office of Speaker Chambers to procure office materials to enhance the group’s work; press statement.

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