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LCP Honors ECOWAS Amb. Ajisomo

The Liberia Crusaders for Peace (LCP) has honored the Special Representative of the Economic Community   of West African States (ECOWAS)             Commission in Liberia for partnering and supporting peace interventions efforts and other social justice as well as women led programs.

According to the Executive Director of LCP, Ambassador  Juli Endee, our relationship with ECOWAS Ambassador Babatunde Olanrewaju Ajisomo has grow stronger especially from the passionate way we both shared our views and perspectives on peace, security and the rule of law.

Ambassador Endee made the statement Tuesday at a farewell program of Ambassador Ajisomo as his assignment has ended in Liberia after seven years held at the LCP’s Head Office in Monrovia.

She acknowledged the remarkable contributions and services Ambassador Ajisomo has made to Liberia and its people over the years.

“As   an institution, we want to personally thank you for the longstanding with the LCP and the support to Liberia’s peace and development processes” She added.

Ambassador Endee stressed that the ECOWAS Commission has contributed to Liberia greatly to ensure that peace and stability are maintained through their selfless sacrifice.

She noted that as the result of ECOWAS tremendous sacrifices have made Liberia to successfully conducted free and fair   electoral processes which have seen the peaceful transfer of power for the first time since 1944.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Ajisomo expressed delight and gratitude to LCP and Ambassador Endee for the honored and promised to promote the culture and artistic works of Liberia through the LCP.

He described Ambassador Endee as a gift to West Africa to enhance the beauty of tradition and culture the region.

 He suggested that there is a need   to promote and develop Liberian culture through the tourism industry through the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism which could create more jobs and generate some revenues for government.

Ambassador Ajsomo emphasized that Liberians should continue to maintain and sustain the peace and stability of the country as well as promoting developmental drive, noting that ECOWAS was mandated not just to maintain peace, but also to ensure  the development of Liberia.

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