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Lawyers Warned Ahead of Convention In Gbarnga

The Liberian National Bar Association (LNBA) is warning delinquent lawyers that they run the risk of being panelized failure to be licensed and or pay their dues before the second Monday in March, 2021.The warning comes ahead of the Bar’s national convention which begins on this Thursday November 26, to Sunday, November 29, 2020 in Gbarnga, Bong County.
Speaking on the Okay FM Morning Rush on yesterday, the president of the Bar, Tiawan Saye Gongloe threatened that any lawyer of the Association who is not licensed or has not paid his/her dues will be punished.
He stated among many things that, a communication will be send to the employer (companies/corporations/commissions) of such lawyer so as not to have him/her retained or employed because a lawyer must be licensed before practicing in any court in the country.
“LNBA members or lawyers are under obligation to be licensed and that includes the payment of their dues. Any lawyer who does not have a license should not be employed nor should his/her service be retained. Therefore, lawyers are been advised to be in good book,” the LNBA’s president assured.
Gongloe said apparently it is because junior lawyers are regular in their dues payment they somehow disrespect of the some senior lawyers who are delinquent or who sometimes fail to meet up with their obligations on time; which is the responsibility of every lawyer to do.
He indicated that the theme during this year’s convention is ‘Ethics A Foundational Adherence To The Rule of Law’ and the keynote speaker will be well-respected human rights lawyer from Nigeria who will be join other Liberian lawyers to address various issues.
During the convention, Gongloe continued: “There will be a workshop called the continuous legal education which every member of the Bar must attend before obtaining their license, if not, I am sorry for you because he or she is going to be penalized.”
The LNBA proxy further explained how the Bar is carrying out legal aid services in five counties working along with defense counsels. He said they also visit prisons in order to know the condition of the prison facilities and the detainees.

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