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Land Authority Gets Huge Support From Sweden

By Bill Weh Pyne
LANTMATERIET, the Swedish Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registration Authority, a governmental agency, is implementing the Capacity Building for Inclusive Land Administration and Management Project (ILAMP) in collaboration with the Liberia Land Authority.
The approximately US$8m project which seeks to provide technical support and training for LLA officials with the goal of equipping them to provide quality and efficient land administration and management services for the nation will be implemented in the course of five years, from 2019-2023.

The project is being supported by the Swedish Agency for International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA)
Speaking during the official launch of ILAMP at the LLA Headquarters in Mamba Point, a member of the Swedish delegation and also LANTMATEIET Project Manager, Mr. Oskar Nilsson

said, “We are here to work with LLA to promote inclusive, transparent, effective and efficient delivery of land management and administration services in Liberia.”
Mr. Nilsson assured LLA management that their officials will get the needed technical support and quality training because he has come with a team whose members are experienced and qualified experts that have worked in many developing countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.
“We will provide you Lawyers, Legal Surveyors, Technical Surveyors, Land Registration experts, IT Experts, Human Resources experts, Management and Leadership Training at all level and Communication experts among,” Nilsson said with assurance and confidence.
The Swedish expert added that they also see themselves as a team member; which means they will not only provide training but also search for coordination, for partnership with stakeholders and authorities to make improvement in the land administration authority.
Meanwhile, LLA Executive Director Stanley N. Toe

who spoke earlier lauded the Swedish Government for the numerous support given to Liberia from the day of the Land Commission up to now.
He recounted some of the supports in the form of compensation for Liberia’s professionals recruited to staff the Technical Secretariat of the then Land Commission which gives birth to the LLA.
He stated further that the continuous support of the Swedish Government led to the design of ILAMP which afforded relevant program staff of the LLA, as well as members of the Board of commissioners the opportunity to pay study visits to the Headquarters of LANTMATERIET in Sweden.
According to Toe, the trip to Sweden in 2018 and 2019 helped LLA officials to learn from Sweden’s experience with land registration procedures, cadastral survey procedures, customer services and land use planning among others.
“Indeed the people of Liberia and the management and staff of LLA in particular are grateful to the Swedish people for the financial and technical assistance provided during takeoff stage of the On-going land reform in Liberia,” he concluded.
However, the four key components of the project as it unfolds are: LLA staff trained to carry out their duties, women participating in land administration and management, local government creating and enforcing Land Use Plans and customary and protected land demarcated and managed.

While the expected outcomes of the project include the functions and responsibilities of each technical department LLA fully defined, that LLA staff will have enhanced capacity to carry out their duties, that a gender strategy is developed and fully implemented.
Others are, women being more aware of and are achieving their rights to land, regulations and guidelines for land use and management are developed and local authorities can more meaningfully participate in the process of land use planning and management in customary communities among others.

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