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LACC Warns Public Officials
Undergoing Investigation

The Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission has warned public officials coming to the Commission for investigation to be in strict compliance with security regulations at the country’s anti-graft office.
The LACC, in a statement, said it will not tolerate public officials attempting to force their way into the premises of the Commission with armed bodyguards and battle cries.
The LACC said these irresponsible attitudes have the propensity to place the leadership and investigators of the Commission in harm’s way and suppress the outcome of investigative processes.
The Commission has again reminded public officials of its mandate as enshrined in the Act and emphasized that it will not be intimidated by these actions.
Meanwhile, the Commission informed individuals coming for investigation at the LACC to come ONLY with their lawyers.
The Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission also informed public officials that it is taking additional steps to ensure the safety of its employees as the Commission ventures deep into critical processes in the interest of the state and its people.

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