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LACC Recommits Fight
Against Corruption

The Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) has assured the international community and partners in the UN System that there will be no let down in the fight against corruption in the country
Cllr Edwin Kla Martin said the LACC will continue on the path of naming and shaming of all public officials who violate public trust.
Speaking during a meeting with the UNDP Resident Representative, the country’s anti-graft chief said the LACC has active investigations ongoing and these investigations will lead to a clear and logical conclusion.
Cllr. Martin said several indictments were being drawn against individuals to be processed in different courts in the country.
He said his leadership wants to continue the efforts of rebuilding the country’s anti-corruption efforts through improved capacity for staff members and other logistical support.
The LACC boss said he will deal with challenges facing the institution including an extremely centralized institution with only one present in Monrovia, low staff capacity and limited training opportunities.
In remarks, United Nations Resident Representative, Stephen Rodriques, praised the extraordinary job of the LACC boss but said the international partners looks forward to seeing the job continue.
Mr. Rodriques said the work of an anti-graft chief was very important in any society and comes with enormous challenges and responsibility noting that issues around corruption were deep-seated.
He said international partners are collaborating on finding ways to identify specific support to integrity institutions in the country but the low of support to the LACC and other integrity institutions is scandalous
He said the upcoming dialogue between integrity institutions and partners will identify areas of technical, financial, and political support to the LACC and other integrity institutions in the country.

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