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Labor Uniforms Inspectors

The Ministry of Labor has officially uniformed its Labor Inspectors, awaiting deployment on the field.
The intent is to dignify them and curtail the growing wave of illegal activities by unscrupulous individuals purporting to be Labor Ministry Inspectors.
Addressing the first batch of uniformed Labor Inspectors at the Ministry today, April 1, 2024, Labor Minister, Cooper W. Kruah, stressed the relevance of the exercise to enable the public easily recognize legitimate and accredited Labor Inspectors on the field in the performance of their assigned official functions.
Expressing delight over the exercise, which is first of its kind in the history of the Labor Ministry, Minister Kruah urged the Inspectors to use the uniforms for official functions in order to be easily and proudly identified by the public and partners with whom they have regular interactions.
“It is for the kind of work you, as inspectors, do. It Is not a one-day thing, but a continuous exercise that you do, and the public must be able to identify us and get used to us, Minister Kruah emphasized.”
Minister Kruah further stressed that in every institution, there are always bad people, and as such, the exercise is intended to prevent people that are not uniformed by the Ministry, but masquerading as Labor Inspectors, from going out to function as such, noting that this illegal practice has been having a negative impact on the image of the Ministry over the years.
“There will be no business as usual here under our administration,” the Labor boss sounded, noting that the process of providing official uniforms for the Labor Inspectors is part of the rebranding exercise of the vital mandate of the Ministry.
The Labor Minister then expressed optimism about the future of the Inspectorate Division, promising to provide needed logistical and manpower support for the professional output of the division. He promised to provide additional supplies of uniforms for the inspectors to enable them remain tidy in their work, especially during special assignments outside of headquarters.
For his part, the Inspector General of the Ministry of Labor, Charles Brown, hailed Minister Kruah for being innovative to initiate the uniform program.
Inspector General Brown described the provision of uniforms for Labor Ministry Inspectors by Minister Kruah as “a great idea and welcome development” that must be embraced by all patriotic citizens.

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