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Kpan Unveils LINU’s Candidate Moniba To Liberians

By Bill W. Cooper

In a bid to secure a brighter future for the citizenry, the running mate of the Liberia National Union (LINU), Grace Kpan, has unveiled her Standard Bearer, Clarence Moniba’s plan to rejuvenate Liberia’s economic and social landscape if elected President.

With a firm promise of creating a prosperous Liberia, Madam Kpan, in her role as vice running mate, confidently assures Liberians that Moniba’s leadership will pave the way for a newfound era of progress and development.

She spoke Friday, September 29, 2023, when thousands of Liberian women endorsed her and Moniba’s political ambitions, ahead of the country’s October 10 General Elections.

The group, made up of predominantly younger girls and market women hailing from across Monrovia and its environs, further pledged their unwavering commitment to ensuring that the Moniba-Kpan ticket emerges as the winner of the country’s upcoming elections.

Speaking to the politically charged gathering, the LINU vice Standard Bearer explained that at the heart of Moniba’s campaign is an unwavering commitment to improving the standard of living for all Liberians, through the tackling of pressing issues such as poverty, unemployment, and inadequate infrastructure.

For economic empowerment, Kpan stated that a LINU administration also intends to implement comprehensive economic reforms, focusing on infrastructure development, agriculture, and industry, noting that these initiatives, combined with targeted industrial development programs, aim to attract foreign investments, create jobs, and reduce poverty.

Commenting on education and skills development, she disclosed that a Moniba leadership plans to prioritize the improvement of the education sector by enhancing access, quality, and relevance, as well as aims to create a highly skilled workforce capable of driving innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic growth.

On health and social welfare, Kpan further revealed that her standard bearer is acutely aware of the challenges facing Liberia’s healthcare system and as such, he is fully committed to ensuring its improvement.

This, she asserted, that Moniba’s government healthcare reforms will focus on strengthening the capacity of public health institutions, increasing access to quality healthcare services, and investing in the wellbeing of vulnerable populations, adding that by addressing these critical healthcare challenges, her leader also aims to create a healthier and more resilient society.

She added that under Moniba’s leadership, Liberia will experience transformative changes that will positively impact every facet of the Liberian society, as well as put Liberia amongst a committee of nations as a destination for investment.

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